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Relax + Renew Tea The Healthy Chef
Relax + Renew Tea The Healthy Chef
Relax + Renew Tea The Healthy Chef

Relax + Renew Tea

75g - 37 cups

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Unwind and relax with the delicate aroma of lavender buds, lemon balm and peppermint. The perfect way to restore the body and revitalise. The ultimate health spa experience in every cup. 

Our Relax + Renew blend is a restorative blend of lavender, peppermint, lemongrass, lemon balm, spearmint, and lemon verbina. Each cup contains only the finest leaves... a pure, delicious remedy for health and wellbeing.

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Organic Lemongrass (34%), Organic Peppermint (20%), Organic Lavender Blossom (18%), Organic Lemon Verbena (8%), Organic Lemon Balm (8%), Organic Spearmint



The refreshing aroma of peppermint tea has calming. Lemon balm will energise and uplift the senses. Lavender will leave you feeling like you've been to a health spa, feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Lemongrass will support healthy digestion and a touch of spearmint adds antioxidants and refresh the spirit


You can use Relax + Renew Tea in multiple infusions.
Steep 2 teaspoons per cup of boiled water for 1 minute to liberate flavour evoke aromatherapy in every cup of this spectacular herbal tea.


A light fragrant infusion that’s soothing and calming for mind and body. The ultimate health spa experience in a cup with floral notes of lavender blossom accentuated with peppermint and hints of lemon. This restorative tea is delicious hot or iced and served with fresh mint.

Why choose healthy chef?

Natural and Organic

High quality products + recipes that inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living.

Gut Friendly

Natural wholefood blends, free from gluten, sweeteners + fillers, for sensitive digestive systems.

Wholefood Nutrition

Sourced from nature to retain the highest possible nutrients. Clean + natural functional food for the whole family.


Our products are suitable for the whole family and are a great addition to drinks and smoothies to support overall health + wellbeing.

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