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Healthy Carrot Cake

This is my ultimate carrot cake featured in my cookbook - Purely Delicious. It's loaded with protein and essential minerals and scented with cinnamon, vanilla bean and a little organic maple syrup.
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Immune Boosting Cauliflower + Turmeric Soup

I absolutely adore eating soup. They are cost effective, filled with nutrients, quick to...

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Feel Good Hot Chocolate

My delicious Feel Good Hot Chocolate from my award-winning cookbook, Earth To Table, will...

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Matcha Anti-Ageing Wellness Bowl

This recipe is featured in my cookbook Healthy Baking, and is one of my favourite...

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Polish Sauerkraut

I was brought up on sauerkraut. My Great Polish Aunt was a specialist...

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Smashed Berry + Vanilla Jam

One of my favourite things to make this time of year is my...

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Traditional Pesto

What I love about this pesto is it's freshness - giving life and...

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