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Gut Restoring Papaya Smoothie

A probiotic-rich smoothie to nourish the gastrointestinal system, boost your immune system and support total wellbeing.
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Tiramisu Protein Oats

This is a quick and healthy breakfast or snack that's full of protein,...

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Vanilla Bean Gelato

This creamy, dreamy gelato is high in protein and all things good.

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Immune-supporting Green Smoothie

I love making smoothies! Wholefood ingredients; easily digested in one glass.

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Roasted Pumpkin w/ Yoghurt + Tahini

This is the perfect dish for entertaining and this spectacular recipe is featured...

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Red Velvet Cake

This gorgeous recipe is from my best selling cookbook Healthy Baking. Easy to make...

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Superfood Glow Martini

Made simply with Healthy Chef Organic Superfood and Wild Marine Collagen to help support healthy...

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