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How To Make Matcha Tea

How To Make Matcha Tea
How To Make Matcha Tea

What's great about it

I absolutely love my Matcha Green Tea and how wonderful it makes me feel.  I’ve even swapped my morning coffee for a morning Matcha. 
Studies show that Matcha stimulates immune function, helping to eliminate antibiotic resistant bacteria! It also contains high levels of antioxidants and various compounds associated with improving immune health, supporting energy and stabilising blood sugar levels. Matcha also contains l-theanine, a rare amino acid that supports the adrenal system and the way your body reacts to stress.

I love using Matcha in my cooking, and have incorporated it into a number of spectacular recipes in my Earth To Table and Healthy Baking Cookbooks. I also drink loose leaf Green Tea throughout the day as it delivers similar benefits.

A cup of Healthy Chef Organic Ceremonial-Grade Matcha can help to make you feel relaxed, calm and happy due to the high levels of L-theanine, and it also energises your body.


1/2  teaspoon Healthy Chef matcha green tea powder

125 ml (½ cup/4 fl oz) dairy free milk, heated

125ml (½ cup/4 fl oz) just-boiled water (80°C)


COMBINE matcha, milk and water into a mug or matcha bowl.

WHISK well until combined. I normally use my bamboo matcha whisk that combines the tea perfectly.

SIP slowly and enjoy.

Notes and Inspiration

There are endless ways to use Healthy Chef Matcha in my awesome Samurai Smoothie, raw desserts and as flavouring for icing and cakes. Think raw key lime pie made with cashew nuts, lime juice and matcha then topped with pomegranate jewels.  I also love making my matcha bliss balls packed with protein from coconut, cashew, matcha, Healthy Chef Protein and a little lemon.

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