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Introducing Our New Organic Tea Collection!

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I’m delighted to introduce our new Organic Tea Collection that has been years in the creation. Our point of difference compared to other teas is that our range is prepared and made to order, so it’s as fresh, vibrant and delicious as nature intended. It’s also made entirely from wholefood ingredients that are free from chemicals, artificial flavours, colours and added sugars which is how it’s supposed to be.  

The Healthy Chef Organic Tea Collection includes:


Refreshing + purifying

A tea to cleanse, detox and refresh the body. A zesty blend of lemon and ginger aromatics that tantalise the tastebuds.


Energy + vitality

A delicious and mild organic green tea caressed with pan-roasted brown rice to give a smooth, sweet aroma of popcorn. Rich in antioxidants to support wellbeing. A wholesome + grounding tea to uplift and energise.


Body-shaping tea

A delicious body-shaping tea renowned for its weight loss properties. The tea imparts a seductive fragrance with a delicate honey and butterscotch aroma.


Tea contains natural antioxidants called flavonoids. Antioxidants slow ageing by reducing the free radicals in the body. 



Sophisticated + timeless

Start your day with a refreshing medium bodied breakfast tea reminiscent of sun ripened fruits and honey. The quintessential black tea that’s perfect for breakfast or all-day drinking.


Warm + comforting

An exotic tea with subtle hint of spice and adventure. Be swept away with our unique blend of pure cinnamon and ginger to warm the body + support wellbeing.


Restorative tea

Unwind and relax with the delicate aroma of lavender buds, lemon balm + peppermint. The perfect way to restore the body + revitalise. The ultimate health spa experience in every cup.


Anti-ageing tea

Enjoy the goodness of our finest grade Organic Matcha Tea. High in antioxidants to support health, energy and vitality.


Love your cup of tea? Find out what Healthy Chef tea is best for you. 

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