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Organic Pea Protein Vanilla Protein The Healthy Chef
Organic Pea Protein Vanilla Protein The Healthy Chef
Organic Pea Protein Vanilla Protein The Healthy Chef
Organic Pea Protein Vanilla Protein The Healthy Chef

Organic Pea Protein Vanilla

550G - 19 SERVINGS OF 28G

  • Regular price $ 59.95 AUD

Healthy Chef Organic Pea protein is 100% certified organic plant-based protein to support your health + wellbeing.

Naturally gluten-free and lactose-free, it is the perfect addition to drinks and smoothies and can assist in promoting satiety between meals. With just a hint of Vanilla, this is one of our most popular products and a firm favourite in many households. 

Formulated specifically for people suffering from sensitive digestion, this light + creamy protein powder is made with the highest quality ingredients, suitable at any stage of your life.

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Certified Organic Pea Protein Isolate (96.1%), Natural Vanilla Flavour (3.3%), Organic Stevia, Organic Vanilla Bean (0.25%)

  • complete plant-based protein
  • low carbohydrate.
  • Australian certified organic
  • no fillers, artificial sweeteners, chemicals and preservatives 


Combine 2 tablespoons in 500 ml of water, coconut water or your choice of milk. Shake it up and drink immediately. This is the quickest and most convenient way of enjoying Healthy Chef Protein.


For a healthy breakfast blend 2 tablespoons Healthy Chef Protein with your choice of fruits, greens and almond milk. Add boosters such as Organic Superfood or Matcha. Blend until smooth and enjoy. 


Mix Healthy Chef Protein into Bircher Muesli or power porridge - Mix into protein power balls or through natural yoghurt to give your meals a healthy nutrient boost.

How to enjoy our delicious protein

“I love Healthy Chef Organic Vanilla Pea Protein mixed into an antioxidant rich breakfast smoothie with almond milk, banana and frozen blueberries which fills me up until lunch time. As a snack, I love my protein mixed with water or coconut water that sustains me until dinner time.” - Teresa Cutter

The healthy chef difference

Natural and Organic

High quality products + recipes that inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living.

Gut Friendly

Natural wholefood blends, free from gluten, sweeteners + fillers, for sensitive digestive systems.

Wholefood Nutrition

Sourced from nature to retain the highest possible nutrients. Clean + natural functional food for the whole family.

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