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Labneh - Yoghurt Cheese

Labneh - Yoghurt Cheese
Labneh - Yoghurt Cheese

What's great about it

Labneh is a fresh creamy cheese made from strained yoghurt and possibly one of the easiest most delicious cheeses you can make at home. I love to make this cheese regularly and use it instead of traditional cream style cheeses. Perfect to spread over rye or gluten free bread or served alongside Mezze boards and vegetable-based dishes such as my roasted carrot. It's also a lovely whole food and nutritious cheese that can be made into the most glorious cheesecakes or used as frosting for carrot cake when mixed with honey, vanilla and a little lemon.  


Makes 1 bowl

1 litre thick plain yoghurt with live active cultures

Sieve lined with muslin or cheesecloth

1 bowl

Glass storage jars

Cold Pressed Olive Oil


1. Sit the strainer over a deep bowl and line it with muslin.

2. Pour the yoghurt into the strainer.

3. Bring the muslin together into a bundle and secure the yoghurt.

4. Place the bowl into the fridge overnight for 12 - 24 hours or until the whey has drained from the yoghurt.

5. The next day remove the strained yoghurt, and disgard the liquid.

6. Rub a little oil on your hands and roll spoonfuls of the labna into small balls.

7. Place balls onto a plate whist you finish making the rest.

8. Store labna balls in a glass jar and pour over olive oil.

9. Labna will keep for 1 week in the fridge.

Notes and Inspiration

For savoury dishes you can roll in freshly chopped herbs (parsley + mint) or roll in spiced dukkah.


For sweet whipped toppings for cakes, beat natural dukkah with honey, lemon and a little vanilla bean then spread over cakes such as carrot cakemuffins or cupcakes.

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