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How To Make The Perfect Dairy Free Milk

How To Make The Perfect Dairy Free Milk
How To Make The Perfect Dairy Free Milk

What's great about it

When I cook, I always use full fat or organic milk in my recipes and I always try to cater for people who have intolerances such as to lactose or dairy. Nut and seed milks are a delightful lactose-free alternative to traditional dairy. They can be incorporated into healthy diets and provide your body with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc to nourish its immune system. Fermented dairy such as yoghurt and kefir with live cultures can normally be tolerated by people who are lactose intolerant as the bacteria in yoghurt digests the milk sugar for you. These fermented foods help support a healthy digestive system and immune function.

A dairy-free milk is basically nuts, seed or grains blended with filtered water and strained. I like to soak my nuts and seeds overnight if I have the time, which makes them easier to blend and provides for a much creamier milk product. The milk can also be flavoured with many delicious flavours such as vanilla bean, cacao and espresso and for a little sweetness I love to add a few fresh-pitted dates before blending.

Once you make your own homemade dairy-free milks, you’ll never want to go store-bought again. Many store-bought dairy-free milks contain preservatives, gums, stabilisers and added oils that you really don’t want to put into your body. To make nut or seed milks you only need to invest in a very inexpensive nut milk bag, muslin cloth or fine strainer.

I like my milk quite light and fresh so my ratio is normally around 1 cup nuts or seeds and 6 cups of pure water. I find making it this way is light and refreshing on the palate and  it tastes incredible. If you want a richer and creamier milk, decrease the amount of water by one or two  cups or add a spoonful or two of tahini or coconut butter before blending.

For busy movers and shakers, a quick dairy-free milk can be made by blending 2 tablespoons of almond or cashew butter with 2 cups of water. Blend until smooth and creamy then enjoy.

Dairy Free Nut or Seed Milk  - from my book Perfect Digestive Health

1 cup your choice nuts or seeds (soaked overnight in water and drained)

4 fresh dates, pitted

6 cups filtered water

Combine nuts into a blender with your pitted fresh dates and water into a high-performance blender.

Blend at high speed until creamy white. This should take about 15 - 20 seconds.

Strain through a fine sieve, muslin or nut milk bag.

Pour into clean bottles or jars.

Store milk for about 4 days in the fridge.

Notes + Inspiration

- Add Matcha or a spoonful of Naked Chocolate before blending for added antioxidants.

- Add a few spoonfuls of tahini or coconut butter for a creamier milk.

- Blend with a little ground ginger, cinnamon and vanilla bean for a yummy Chai milk.



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