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Beauty Essentials Pack Bundle The Healthy Chef
Beauty Essentials Pack Bundle The Healthy Chef
Beauty Essentials Pack Bundle The Healthy Chef

Beauty Essentials Pack

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Introducing the Beauty Essentials Pack, yours for a limited time only. Glow from the inside out with our three essential beauty blends to help improve gut health and support healthy, radiant skin. Your natural beauty solution!

Beauty begins in the belly. Organic Superfood is a delicious wholefood source of 10 organic fruits and vegetables to provide an antioxidant boost that will nourish and support your gut. Rich in natural prebiotics to support digestive health, to help you glow from the inside out. Add it to your daily smoothie or mix into natural yoghurt.

Healthy Chef Matcha Green Tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-ageing properties. It can also help enhance total health and wellbeing, support immune health, boost metabolism, support the stress response and assist in gentle weight loss. Whisk one scoop of Matcha powder in hot water or your choice of milk in place of water to make a beautiful energising drink. 

Collagen a key component for a glowing complexion as it gives strength and structure to the skin. Healthy Chef Collagen Protein is a pure source of marine collagen, sourced from wild-caught snapper, that supports healthy glowing skin, hair + nails. The perfect addition to any cold or hot liquid, such as smoothies, bone broths or simply mixed into a glass of water. 


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"Healthy Chef products are created without compromise. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality + purest functional foods in the world to support optimum health + wellbeing."
Teresa Cutter

Why choose healthy chef?

Glowing Skin

Plant-based nutritional products, designed to help you achieve radiant, healthy, glowing skin.

Wholefood Nutrition

Sourced from nature to retain the highest possible nutrients. Clean + natural functional food for the whole family.

High Protein

Our premium, low carb protein powders are ideal for weight management, sports performance + wellbeing.

Gut Friendly

Natural wholefood blends, free from gluten, sweeteners + fillers, for sensitive digestive systems.

Partners in health