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Immune Trio Collection

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Support your Immune Health with our Immune Trio Collection

A healthy body begins with a healthy immune system. The Healthy Chef Immune Trio Collection offers on-the-go immune support with Immune+ spray, boosted daily defence with Immune Support powder and an invigorating immune-loving blend with our Immune Tisane.

Immune+ is your on-the-go daily oral spray to keep you well year-round! With a refreshing orange citrus taste and the power of Vitamin C, D and Zinc to support immune system function.

Boost Your Body's Natural Defences with Immune Support - Vitamin C, D, Zinc + Elderberry. One teaspoon of Natural Immune Support contains 10 x the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C (>450mg) and the full recommended daily intake of vitamin D (1000IU).

IMMUNE is a refreshing infusion of lemon aromatics with a hint of ginger; this invigorating blend has no caffeine and makes for the perfect sip when you're feeling run down. Delicious with an extra squeeze of lemon and spoonful of raw or manuka honey.

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"I have been using health chef products for many years now, i find them very high grade products. They provide a lot of health benefits, including gut health,immune health that provide many vitamins and minerals. I have a member of my family using these products to improve her immune system. I recommend healthy chef to those wanting to improve there health"

~ Bev


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Enjoy the goodness of our natural formulas, high in nutrients your body needs to cleanse + detoxify.


Our products are suitable for the whole family and are a great addition to drinks and smoothies to support overall health + wellbeing.

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High quality products + recipes that inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living.

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