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Sleep Tea loose leaf blends The Healthy Chef
Sleep Tea loose leaf blends The Healthy Chef
Sleep Tea loose leaf blends The Healthy Chef

Sleep Tea

60g - 40 Cups

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SLEEP is a tranquil blend of chamomile, linden flower and lemon balm, which helps the body's nervous system rest and relax. Enjoy this tisane as part of your night-time routine to calm the mind and ease you into sleep.

-      Relaxing

-      Calming

-      Comforting

40 biodegradable tea bags | 100% recyclable tin

Natural Organic Ingredients | Hand- Crafted in Australia

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Chamomile, Linden Flower, Lemon Balm, Natural Vanilla Flavour.


Brews: 40 cups, 1 teabag per cup.
Brew 3-5 minutes in water at 100°C.

Perfect on its own. Delicious served with ice, a squeeze of lemon + honey.


"Love every tea... so yummy and healthy as well."


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