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Wild Caught Snapper with Wilted Greens

Wild Caught Snapper with Wilted Greens
Wild Caught Snapper with Wilted Greens

What's great about it

This is a glorious recipe featured in my new cookbook, Purely Delicious. A simple and classic recipe that takes just a few moments to prepare. Snapper is high in omega-3s that help support the health of every cell in the body. Fish is also low in saturated fat and it is a source of protein: the main function of the protein is to build and repair as well as sustain muscle. Also, fish is a good source of iodine that helps to support your thyroid which in turn helps to regulate metabolic rate.


Serves 2

2 x 200 g (7 oz) wild-caught snapper fillets

10 g (2/5 oz) butter



60 ml (2 fl oz) tamari soy sauce

60 ml (2 fl oz) organic maple syrup

30 ml (1 fl oz) mirin

50 g (1 ¾ oz) red apple, grated (with skin)

1 golden shallot, finely diced

1 teaspoon fresh ginger, grated



1 teaspoon olive oil

100 g (3 ½ oz) cavolo nero, washed and shredded

120 g (4 oz) baby spinach leaves

a pinch of black pepper

1 teaspoon lemon juice



  1. Combine teriyaki glaze ingredients in a pot and simmer over a low heat for 3 - 5 minutes. Set aside.
  2. Heat a small pot over a medium heat with olive oil.
  3. Add cavolo nero, spinach, pepper and lemon juice and cover with a lid.
  4. Reduce the heat to low and gently allow to steam for 1 - 2 minutes or until wilted.
  5. Set aside and keep warm until needed.
  6. Heat 1 teaspoon olive oil in a pan over a medium heat.
  7. Add snapper, skin-side down and cover with a lid.
  8. Reduce the heat to low, gently cover with a lid and allow the fish to cook all the way through without turning over.
  9. Remove the lid and add 40 ml teriyaki sauce.
  10. Add the butter and mont au beurre to create a lovely sauce.
  11. Serve immediately with wilted greens

Notes and Inspiration

You can use any fish you like for this recipe – some good examples are Australian salmon, flathead, whiting, sea mullet or tailor.

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