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Beauty Collagen Salad

Beauty Collagen Salad
Beauty Collagen Salad

What's great about it

A spectacular salad that’s high in vitamin C, Antioxidants and restorative minerals for glowing, hydrated skin. The dressing is made with Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen that tastes of refreshing citrus. Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen is a blend of wild marine collagen, Vitamin C, Zinc + B5;  specifically formulated to support healthy glowing skin.



2 teaspoons Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen

80 ml lemon juice

60 ml orange juice

125 ml extra virgin olive oil 

pinch of flaked sea salt



250 g thick Greek yoghurt

60 g baby spinach leaves

1 avocado

2 tablespoons pumpkin or hemp seeds 

1 orange, peeled and sliced

125 g blackberries

60 g roasted chopped almonds

30 g pumpkin seeds


COMBINE all the dressing ingredients until emulsified.

SPREAD the labneh onto the base of a serving bowl.

TOP with baby spinach.

DIP the base of the avocado into the hemp seeds and lay over the spinach, followed by the sliced orange, blackberries, almonds and pumpkin seeds.

DRIZZLE over the beauty collagen dressing and devour.


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