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Warm Broccoli Salad With Kale, Lime + Tamari Almonds

Warm Broccoli Salad With Kale, Lime + Tamari Almonds
Warm Broccoli Salad With Kale, Lime + Tamari Almonds

What's great about it

This delicious vegan recipe is from my award winning cookbook Purely Delicious. The broccoli is full of alkalinising, anti-inflammatory and phytonutrients called sulforaphane that work to support optimum health and protect against disease. It's a true superfood rich in antioxidants, including vitamin C, E and CoQ10. Broccoli is also a wonderful source of B group vitamins, vitamin K, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus and manganese. Make it tonight and feel the benefits!


Serves 2

1 head of broccoli, roughly chopped

½ bunch kale, trimmed and finely sliced

1 clove garlic, smashed

1 generous teaspoon fresh grated ginger

2 tablespoons olive oil

sea salt and pepper to taste

1 whole lime

1 bunch coriander, chopped

handful tamari roasted almonds, chopped

green chilli – optional - but yum



  1. Sauté the broccoli in a large pan with the olive oil, garlic and ginger over a medium heat, making sure to toss the pan occasionally and allow the broccoli to cook through. This should take about 3 minutes.
  2. Add the kale and toss through until just wilted.  Add chilli if using.
  3. Squeeze over the lime juice and toss through the coriander. Season to taste and add a generous amount of black pepper.
  4. Serve in bowls sprinkled with tamari roasted almonds.

Notes and Inspiration

Delicious on its own or served with extra protein such as steamed white fish drizzled with extra lime, olive oil and black pepper. Enjoy for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

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