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Cherry + Coconut Protein Smoothie

Cherry + Coconut Protein Smoothie
Cherry + Coconut Protein Smoothie

What's great about it

I was inspired to create this lush Cherry + Coconut Smoothie simply from the abundance of leftover Christmas cherries in my fridge, and of course, because they are in season. Cherries and are one of my favourite fruits to enjoy as a healthy snack or combined with coconut water for a purely delicious vitamin packed smoothie. Cherries are packed with the antioxidants C and E, which help support the immune system. They are also high in melatonin, which has a calming effect on the nervous system. Young coconut water works wonderfully with the cherries and acts like an electrolyte that hydrates and boosts circulation. Adding a scoop of protein to this lush smoothie rounds out this healthy meal and helps your body repair and rejuvenate after an indulgent festive period.


Serves 2

150 g frozen pitted cherries

Handful of frozen raspberries

1 1/2 cups coconut water

2 tablespoons Healthy Chef Protein

1 tablespoon goji berries

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla bean paste



  1. COMBINE cherries, raspberries, coconut water, protein, goji berries, Chia and Vanilla in a high-performance blender.
  2. BLEND until smooth and creamy.
  3. POUR into serving glasses and enjoy.

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