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Everyday Greens Bowl

Everyday Greens Bowl
Everyday Greens Bowl

What's great about it


A restorative breakfast bowl using my favourite product, Healthy Chef EVERYDAY GREENS.  It helps to nourish the gut, enhance energy, and support overall health + wellbeing. For me, two teaspoons of EVERYDAY GREENS mixed into a large glass of water, a smoothie or yoghurt every morning brings my body back into balance. It's my daily routine. I love how it makes me feel, and I love the results.

I designed this breakfast bowl to help nourish and restore my GUT HEALTH. It helps prevent boating, improves motility and makes me feel amazing. I've also added Healthy Chef Marine Collagen to provide essential amino acids and to support my digestive system.  

I love Kiwi Fruits! Loaded with nutritional goodness, they are delicious and cleansing. This nourishing and refreshing bowl is low GI, high in fibre, high in vitamin C, probiotics and essential minerals, which makes this the perfect prebiotic smoothie for healthy gut function and immunity.


1/2 cup yoghurt Greek or plant-based yoghurt

2 teaspoons Healthy Chef EVERYDAY GREENS

1 tablespoon Healthy chef MARINE COLLAGEN

2 kiwi fruit, sliced (or any other low FODMAP fruit such as navel orange)

scattering of granola (optional) or your choice of seeds or macadamia nuts


COMBINE yoghurt, Healthy Chef EVERYDAY GREENS and MARINE COLLAGEN into a bowl until smooth and emerald green.

SPREAD out the yoghurt onto a serving plate or bowl.

TOP with sliced kiwi fruit and granola.


Notes and Inspiration

ADD other low FODMAP fruits such as Navel Oranges to boost vitamin C and collagen absorbtioin.

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