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How To Choose The Right Whey Protein Powder

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Protein is essential for our body to function optimally. From supporting healthy hormone production, building muscle and muscle recovery, to immune support, blood glucose management and much more.

However, with so many brands of protein on the market, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you.


Whey protein concentrate is typically used as a weight gainer and contains ingredients such as milk solids, casein, milk powder, fats and bacteria that disrupt digestive health and may lead to symptoms of bloating, flatulence or constipation - that's why I prefer Whey Protein Isolate.


Whilst Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) is my preferred source of protein, it's important to note that not all products are created equal. Some WPI's are derived from the by-products of cheese making and undergo excessive processing that can denature the protein and therefore compromise the nutrients in the final product.

Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI, on the other hand, is derived from grass-fed, hormone-free biodynamic milk. Once collected, the milk undergoes minimal cold-filtration processing, resulting in a cleaner un-denatured protein with superior nutrient absorption. The diagram below explains the process:

Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI is a pure source of protein that does not cause the usual side effects often associated with whey protein.

WHY CHOOSE Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI

1. Pure Raw Ingredients

    Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI is derived from the milk of ethically farmed, grass-fed, biodynamic cows in France, which have had no hormonal or antibiotic treatment.

    2. Cold Filtration Process

      The milk undergoes a process of cold filtration, removing the bulk of carbohydrates and fat and retaining all the essential amino acids for superior nutritional profile.

      3. High Protein Absorption

      The cold filtration process allows the milk to retain over 95% of it's bio-available protein ensuring all the natural properties and goodness are preserved.

      Fun fact: 15 grams of Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI allows your body to initiate muscle recovery in just 30 minutes post-training vs 30 grams and 24 hours with other protein supplements.

      4. Easily Digested

      During filtration, we add the digestive enzyme 'lactase' to help break down the milk sugar, making our Pure Native WPI 99.8% lactose-free! In fact, it's the lowest lactose WPI in Australia, so it's perfect for those with sensitive digestive systems and even lactose intolerance.

      5. No Nasties

      Free from soy protein, GMO, chemicals, artificial sweeteners + flavours, vegetable oils/fats, milk solids, skim milk powder, casein, thickeners, gums + sugar. Significantly lower in fat, carbohydrates and sugars compared to other proteins on the market.

      6. Complete Protein

      Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI, is a complete protein, meaning it contains all the essential amino acids needed from your diet to build and maintain a healthy body.

      The complete set of amino-acids is needed for balancing hormones, assisting in weight loss, supporting detoxification and digestion, and supporting a healthy immune system.

      7. Supports Your Immunity

      Our Pure Native WPI, also contains high levels of immunoglobulins and lactoferrin, which play a key role in supporting the immune system and helping the body cope in times of stress.

      Find out more about the 10 ingredients that should never be in your protein powder and download your FREE Protein Recipe eBook

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