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3 Ways To Enjoy Immune Support

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It's so important, now more than ever, to maintain a healthy regime that supports, strengthens and sustains a healthy immune system. One of the ways I support my body is by consuming Healthy Chef Immune Support every day to give my body a boost of vitamins and antioxidants.

Natural Immune Support is a wholefood blend that contains 10x the RDI of Vitamin C as well as the full RDI of Vitamin D. It provides a wealth of beneficial antioxidants from the superfoods it contains, such as acerola, orange, ginger and turmeric. 

There are so many ways you can enjoy Healthy Chef Immune Support to make your daily routine more versatile, and here are my three favourite ways to incorporate Natural Immune Support into my diet each day. 


1. Natural Immune Support in Water

The easiest way to incorporate Healthy Chef Immune Support into your daily routine is by simply stirring a teaspoon into a glass of water, and consuming morning and night. It simply tastes like a glass of orange juice, so it makes it easy to drink and enjoy, and is so quick to make, the only difference you'll notice to your daily routine is how good you feel. 

Watch me make it here: 


2. Immunity-Boosting Protein Smoothie

Add Natural Immune Support to your daily smoothie for a boost of Vitamin C + D. This recipe is fantastic because it incorporates protein into your diet and has a lovely orange taste too! Consuming enough protein each day is essential for immune health as protein deficiencies can significantly impair immune cells and overall wellbeing, so this recipe is perfect to include in your daily routine. 

Watch me make it here:


3. Immune Support Yoghurt Bowl

Natural Immune Support tastes absolutely delicious in yoghurt, adding a refreshing orange flavour. The probiotics in yoghurt are fantastic for supporting the gut, which in turn supports your immunity. My favourite way to enjoy my Immune Support Yoghurt Bowl is topped with orange slices, tahini and honey to complement the natural orange flavour of the Immune Support in the yoghurt. 

Watch me make it here: 


These are 3 easy ways to incorporate Natural Immune Support into your diet each day to support, strengthen and sustain a healthy immune system, all year round. By consuming a serve of Natural Immune Support each day, you're also assisting your body's natural collagen-absorption, which assists with glowing and clear skin, as well as hair, nail and gut health. It's the perfect all-rounder that will make a delicious addition to your daily routine and make you look and feel amazing. Enjoy!

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