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Introducing Everyday Greens

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Meet Healthy Chef EVERYDAY GREENS.
A delicious low FODMAP blend of organic green superfoods combined with probiotics + L-Glutamine to Nourish Your Gut - Boost Wellbeing + Feel Amazing! Simply mix with water and enjoy every day. The palate is satisfied with the delicately refreshing taste of lemon + pineapple.  

"I designed EVERYDAY GREENS as a rejuvenating and nourishing drink I could enjoy everyday for gut health, enhance energy, and support overall health + wellbeing. For me, two teaspoons of EVERYDAY GREENS mixed into a large glass of water every single morning brings my body back into balance. It's a routine I do every single day and I love the results and how it makes me feel."
Teresa Cutter 

EVERYDAY GREENS is your daily health supplement formulated using a combination of organic green superfoods, herbal extracts, L-Glutamine, digestive enzymes and probiotics. 


PROBIOTICS to help recolonise the gut with healthy bacteria, support digestive health, boost the immune system and assist with nutrient absorption.

ORGANIC GREENS high in chlorophyll to alkalise the body, support detoxification + support wellbeing.

L-GLUTAMINE to repair and heal the digestive tract and improve symptoms of IBS. Complete digestive tonic.

TURMERIC EXTRACT to provide antioxidants + support optimum wellbeing.

BROMELAIN to support digestion, nutrient absorption + reduce IBS symptoms such as bloating.

BENEFITS: Low FODMAP - Sugar-Free - Gluten-Free - Vegan


Just 2 teaspoons a day

MIX 7g (2 tsp) of EVERYDAY GREENS daily in a large glass of water and drink. 

BLEND into a delicious power smoothie with your choice of orange, banana, kiwi fruit or green grapes as well as Marine Collagen or Healthy Chef Protein for a nourishing breakfast.

MIX into cultured yoghurt, top with kiwi fruit or sliced navel orange and enjoy as a healthy probiotic-rich breakfast.



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