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Our Biggest Cookbook Yet!

This is not your average cookbook, featuring over 300 recipes that have all been designed to be easy to make and budget friendly, all the while being part of healthy, wholefood diet.

This stunning hardcover will truly be a welcome addition to your collection and become your new go-to for all things healthy home cooking, with stunning full-colour photography throughout and embellished with an orange bookmark ribbon.  It features eleven chapters ranging from nourishing breakfasts, family dinners, grazing plates for entertaining, breads and spectacular desserts.

Read more about SIMPLE HEALTHY RECIPES below and click here to shop it now.


Inspired by my Polish heritage and love of Mediterranean cuisine, these recipes reflect food made with love for the people you love. With over 300 recipes, there’s sure to be a recipe for everybody and every occasion.

Budget Friendly Healthy Recipes

Cooking healthy meals for the family doesn’t need to come at a high price – the recipes within SIMPLE HEALTHY RECIPES have been created with budget in mind without the fuss of complicated ingredients.

Ugly Scones, Zucchini and Ricotta Tart, Genius 15min Pizza and OMG Chocolate Cakes

The Cookbook For Everyday Cooking

Never run out of inspiration again for a quick mid-week dinner or everyday meals, HEALTHY SIMPLE RECIPES features so many mainstream classics that are sure to become new family favourites, and even get the kids excited about eating healthy!

Classic Home Cooking with a Healthy Twist

Classics are just that for a reason, and whether it’s a nostalgic recipe we grew up with or a tried and tested new recipe we love to make over and over again, we all have our favourite classic recipes. You’ll find so many familiar recipes in this cookbook, but with a new, healthy twist to have you and the family eating nutritiously.


300 recipes in one cookbook: simple, easy to make and budget friendly


Head here to see a small preview of the recipes included in SIMPLE HEALTHY RECIPES.


Simple Healthy Recipes: Your Questions Answered

What type of recipes are there?

Most of the recipes are in line with a Mediterranean diet and are mostly vegetarian, but there are also a selection of recipes with dairy, meat and fish. They are recipes that are practical for mid-week dinners and family celebrations, as well as breakfasts, sides and breads.


Are the recipes suitable for beginners or experienced cooks?

Both! All the recipes reflect Teresa’s quick + easy approach to cooking, and feature techniques that anyone from a novice to a master can perfect. Experienced cooks will appreciate the simplified approach designed for easy, everyday cooking.


Can the recipes be customised to accommodate dietary restrictions or allergies?

The recipes have been designed with a range of dietary requirements in mind, and where possible there’s notes & inspiration listed for each recipe to cater for ingredient substitutions or recipe variations, such as gluten-free and vegan.


Are the recipes designed to be budget-friendly?

Absolutely – they are budget-friendly by being designed around pantry staples and a curated selection of readily available wholefood ingredients.



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