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Introducing The Healthy Chef Mini Ebooks

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The Healthy Chef mini ebooks are Teresa's latest ebook creations, which include:

+ The Healthy Chef Vegan

+ The Healthy Chef Juices, Smoothies + Mylks and

+ The Healthy Chef Paleo and

+ The Healthy Chef Gluten-Free

Now tailored to all your health and dietary needs, each ebook is a conveniently packaged exclusive extract of recipes from Teresa’s bestselling cookbook Purely Delicious. This bestselling cookbook has won a silver medal for the best nutritional cookbook in the 2017 Independent Publisher Book Awards.

The prestigious award recognises the excellence in independent publishing from books all over the world and rewards authors and publishers who “take chances and break new ground.”


“I believe anyone can benefit eating wholefoods that are naturally nutrient-rich and support optimum health and wellbeing.”


+ Delicious plant-based recipes for optimum health and vitality.

+ Whether you are vegan or not, eating more plant-based wholefoods is vital for lifelong health and vitality.

+ These vegan meals have been specifically chosen to showcase how easy and delicious plant-based meals can be. From healthy burgers, to salads and desserts, each recipes is full of life-giving enzymes, proteins, vitamins and minerals.



+ Healing and anti-inflammatory elixirs for ultimate health and wellbeing.

+ Juices, Smoothies + Mylks is a delicious collection of recipes that offer complete nourishment in a glass.

+ Using fresh wholefoods that are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, these recipes can help support your energy or recovery needs, aid with digestive issues, as well as help cleanse and detoxify the body.


"I am often asked whether I prefer juices or smoothies. Quite simply, I love both! They offer amazing health benefits and have really helped me through some tough digestive issues over the years. Ultimately, they provide a convenient hit of fresh nutrients - the perfect addition to a healthy diet."


+ Easy and wholesome paleo recipes everyone will love.

+ The Paleo diet or also known as the ‘primal diet’, is eating foods as close to its natural state. These foods include fresh fruits and vegetables, lean protein sources such as wild caught fish, organic eggs and grass-fed meat, plus raw nuts and seeds.

+ Even if you’re not Paleo, this book will introduce you to the delicious and easy ways to enjoy fresh, wholefood ingredients.



+ A collection of delicious gluten-free recipes to support health and wellbeing.

+ Learn how to make the most delicious gluten-free breads, the healthiest cakes, restorative salads and even the yummiest gluten-free lasagne!

+ Never feel like you’re missing out on all your favourite foods.


"I cook for pleasure, I cook for health, I cook to inspire. I love sharing my recipes and I hope you will also enjoy cooking them for your family and friends to fell happy, healthy and nourished."


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