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Teresa Cutter partners with The Wests Group Newcastle

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Due to COVID-19, we had to put a few things on hold, but we are super excited to announce the re-launch of our partnership with The Wests Group Newcastle.  

Wests has five clubs, four gyms and three hotels in the Newcastle region, and the famed football club, the nib Newcastle Knights.  

In a world vastly away from clubs, the partnership also extends across West's owned five-star seaside hotel and spa – The Anchorage Port Stephens. Long admirers of what Teresa Cutter does, Wests approached Teresa to create some changes in their kitchens and offer healthy eating options at each of their outlets for day-to-day dining, events, conferences, and in their hotels.

 Having designed menus and recipes for the Intercontinental Hotels Group and being amongst the first female chefs to be part of the IHG Culinary Panel, Teresa was the ideal choice! 

Often seen as leaders in Clubs marketing Wests with its five clubs, four gyms and three hotels in the Newcastle region, and the famed football club, the nib Newcastle Knights, saw an opportunity to do things a little differently. 

That's where Teresa Cutter comes in. Teresa is a classically trained chef, nutritionist, author, accredited fitness trainer and media personality. Known by many as 'The Healthy Chef', Teresa's main goal is to get people cooking, eating and thinking healthier. 

This March will see the re-launch of this synergistic partnership, bringing fresh and healthy meals into the club's menus, all designed by Teresa Cutter. From her famous World's Healthiest Chocolate Cake to wholesome breakfast smoothies, to Vegan Bolognese and beyond, Teresa has made her mark on the clubs' offering. 

For Teresa, it's about celebrating the elegance and power of pure, wholesome and unadulterated ingredients and educating people on preparing, eating, and thinking more healthily. 

Wests members and their guests will make healthier choices when dining across any outlets in Newcastle and Port Stephens. Wests members will have access to a wide range of Teresa's Healthy Chef Functional Food Range, consisting of organically sourced proteins, superfoods, teas, and nutritional-based whole food products and cookbooks.


About The Wests Group Newcastle

The Wests Group Australia (Wests) is a Newcastle owned and operated not-for-profit membership-based organisation that provides entertainment, accommodation and dining, function and fitness facilities across the region.

Our portfolio includes registered clubs Wests New Lambton (Western Suburbs (N'cle) Leagues Club) and Wests New Lambton Bowling ClubWests MayfieldWests CityWests Nelson Bay and Wests Cardiff. The Clubs are a source of enjoyment for thousands of members and visitors each day who come to enjoy the entertainment, bar and dining options. Wests also owns Balance Collective gyms, The Executive Inn Hotel Newcastle, The Gateway Inn Hotel Newcastle, The Anchorage Hotel & Spa Port Stephens and the nib Newcastle Knights.

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