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Collagen Margarita

Collagen Margarita
Collagen Margarita

What's great about it

Perfect for warm, breezy nights, this margarita with health benefits, has tasting notes of lemon and sunshine, and perfect to wind down at the end of a busy day. Serve alongside icy cold chunks of watermelon and feel your body relax for the evening ahead. 


2 tablespoons  your choice of Gut CollagenMarine Collagen or Beauty Collagen

2 teaspoons Healthy Chef Magnesium

2 tablespoons Lemon Juice

500 ml filtered water

lots of ice


COMBINE Healthy Chef Collagen, Healthy Chef Magnesium, lemon juice and water into a shaker with a generous amount of ice.

SHAKE for 30 seconds.

DECORATE 2 serving glasses by dipping the ends in a little lemon juice and a hint of flaked sea if you wish.

DIVIDE between 2 serving glasses.

ENJOY, relax and wind down.


Notes and Inspiration

Sweeten to taste with a little stevia or monk fruit sweetener.

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