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The Healthy Chef daily go-to collagen range for everyone! Pure Marine Collagen to support your joint, bone, skin, and digestive health. Beauty Collagen with vitamin Vitamin C, Zinc + B5 to promote collagen synthesis and support skin, hair, and nail health. Gut Collagen with probiotics for optimal gut function. Easily digestible and easy to use.


Marine Collagen Protein The Healthy Chef
Marine Collagen 240g
Regular price $ 74.95 AUD
Beauty Collagen Protein The Healthy Chef
Beauty Collagen 300g
Regular price $ 74.95 AUD
Gut Collagen Protein The Healthy Chef
Gut Collagen 260g
Regular price $ 74.95 AUD
Pure Collagen Protein The Healthy Chef
Pure Grass Fed Collagen 240g
Regular price $ 69.95 AUD
Collagen Coffee Superfoods The Healthy Chef
Collagen Coffee 150g
Regular price $ 59.95 AUD

What our customers are saying

As always my orders from The Healthy Chef are excellent! Have noticed a improvement in my hair and nails since using Marine Collagen in my smoothies and drinks . Highly recommend them to everyone.
Dixie C

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