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The Cook's Apron - Olive Green
The Cook's Apron - Olive Green
The Cook's Apron - Olive Green

The Cook's Apron - Olive Green

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The Healthy Chef Apron is the ultimate in comfort and durability while remaining effortlessly chic. Inspired by the timeless look of French design and Japanese minimalism, this is the perfect accessory for the modern cook. 

Reflecting a simple, yet sophisticated style, the Healthy Chef apron comes in two beautiful nature-inspired colours: Olive Green and French Vanilla. 


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The Healthy Chef apron is crafted from a unique blend of pure linen and cotton weave, which gives the garment a luxurious + soft hand feel. 

This one size fits all apron features a fully adjustable neck strap and extra-long waist straps suiting all shapes and sizes. Wrapping around the body, it gives a complete coverage over your clothes when cooking or baking.


The Healthy Chef apron is the perfect addition to any cook’s repertoire and with its luxurious feel, it will be loved and cherished for years to come. Each apron is packaged in a gorgeous calico bag for storage and gifting.


"Cook with love in your heart and magic happens."

- Teresa Cutter 

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