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All images and content are copyright of The Healthy Chef and cannot be used without permission.

If you would like to feature any images in your magazine, newspaper, blog or website, please contact us first to gain permission and inquire about terms.

For commercial use, publication and general distribution, please contact media@thehealthychef.com


As a general rule:


If you want to use my photo(s) to promote my recipe or my blog in general: You may share one photo as long as you link back to the original post. If it is feasible, please include a link to my homepage as well. You may not republish the photo itself.


You may not republish my recipe(s). I do not allow other websites or publications to publish my recipes. I simply receive far too many requests, and I want thehealthychef.com to remain the exclusive source for my recipes. Thank you for your understanding.

To become a Healthy Chef Partner in Health, please contact paul@thehealthychef.com

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