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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Do you have stockists for Healthy Chef products?

Yes – we have a growing number of Wholesale partners across Australia. Please contact us at [email protected] to find out if there is a retailer near you or find a stockist here

I am having trouble ordering, what do I do?

  1. Shut down the website/ browser and start again – often it works after this.
  2. Try a different computer or device if possible.
  3. Send us an email to [email protected] with your contact number, and we will give you a call. Alternatively, please call us on 02 9281 1444 Mon – Fri, 8.30 am – 5 pm Sydney time and we will be able to assist.

Do you offer wholesale rates?

We have a Wholesale Partner Program, offering health professionals and businesses our products at wholesale rates. Read more about the program and apply via the link here. Once we confirm your application, you are then able to order through our online portal. You can also contact our office with any questions on 02 9281 1444. 

Do you have an affiliates program?

Our affiliate program is up and running, you can sign up here

Do you run healthy cooking classes?

Yes, please sign up to the newsletter at the bottom of this page to receive the latest information about masterclasses held in our HQ in Surry Hills as well as interstate events.

Do you offer private consults?

Currently Teresa is not taking private consults.

Do you offer work experience or internships for students?

We do not currently offer work experience or internships.

I love what you do and want to learn about cooking, where do I start?

Look into available chef’s apprenticeship opportunities or short courses offered at TAFE. Go and study gastronomy courses in your area or overseas, countries such as France and Italy have a rich gastronomic history. Get work experience from your favourite restaurants and cafes or in a health and wellness resort. Get into the kitchen and start cooking – read everything – watch everything – open your mind, keep it fresh, keep it simple and love what you do.

I love what you do and want to study nutrition, where do I start?

Look into available courses offered at Universities (Dietetics and Nutrition) and Private colleges (Naturopathy, Nutritional Medicine, Herbal Medicine) as well as short courses. Do your own study – read everything, watch everything – blogs, books, textbooks, studies, webinars. Keep an open mind and don’t get sucked into nutrition dogma. Keep it simple, natural and real.

Do you have any job opportunities at Healthy Chef?

We will advertise via our website, blog and social media when opportunities to join the team arise. You can email us at [email protected] or follow link to careers to see if we have any postings.

For bookings, sponsorships or managerial enquiries contact Paul Cutter: [email protected] 

Marine Collagen Protein

What is Marine Collagen?

Healthy Chef Marine Collagen is a pure source of collagen protein sourced from wild fish, made from the skin and scales. 
It is GMO free, high in protein with no fat, sugars, fillers, gluten, lactose or carbohydrates, making it a pure protein-rich food sourced from the ocean, wonderful for paleo or low FODMAP diets.

What does Marine Collagen taste like?

Marine Collagen is tasteless! You can add it to many dishes, even a glass of water and receive the benefits of this beautiful anti ageing protein.

Is it safe to use during pregnancy/breastfeeding?

We always recommend checking with your health care practitioner, however as with all our products, it is made from natural sources and contains only 100% protein from wild fish.

How do I take Marine Collagen?

So many options! It is suitable in both hot and cold liquids. You can easily dissolve it in a glass of water, it will take a few seconds, and then the water will appear completely clear. You can add it to soups and bone broths, into smoothies, mix it with our delicious Natural Immune Support for that extra Vitamin C + Collagen boost, add it to a Matcha latte and even in your breakfast bowl! Each serve (2 tablespoons) will provide 10.9 grams of protein to help fuel and nourish your body.

How often should I take Marine Collagen?

For the best results, we recommend taking Marine Collagen every day. Two serves of 1-2 tablespoons.

Why we love Healthy Chef Collagen Protein

“Collagen is the key component for radiant, healthy, glowing skin.
As we age, our natural reserves of collagen are gradually depleted, resulting in a noticeable lack of skin firmness and hydration. Research shows the wonderful benefits of collagen supplementation on skin properties, including hydration, elasticity, reduction of wrinkles, and visible signs of aging. I believe in improving your skin from the inside out and I’ve sourced the purest Marine Collagen available to support health and wellbeing. I drink Marine Collagen every day to boost the health of my skin as well as my hair and overall health. Studies on women between the ages of 35 – 55 showed that as little as 5 grams of collagen per day improved skin elasticity in just eight weeks.” Teresa Cutter

How does Marine Collagen differ to other Healthy Chef Proteins?

Marine Collagen Protein, uniquely, is high in three amino acids that are naturally lacking in plant and whey based proteins. Studies show that Marine Collagen Protein also has gut health and anti-ageing benefits which can renew the skin, making it firmer and more hydrated. Marine Collagen is your essential beauty, hair, skin and nail supplement!

How should I store my Marine Collagen protein?

We recommend storing your collagen in a cool dry place with the lid shut tight.

How is the Collagen Protein extracted?

Our Pure Marine Collagen is extracted via the skin, bone and scales of deep sea wild fish.

It is extracted through natural pepsin (an enzyme that breaks down proteins in food) solubilisation.

After the proteins have broken down, it is then purified via high-pressure liquid chromatography and freeze dried into a pure functional food that’s high in amino acids and protein that can be used for anti-ageing and skin health benefits.

It is flavourless and odourless and dissolves completely in hot or cold water.

Where is Healthy Chef Marine Collagen from?

Healthy Chef Marine Collagen is processed in Japan from fish sourced in the Midwest, Northwest and Northeast Pacific Ocean, the East Indian Ocean and the Arctic Ocean and then packaged in Australia. 

Beauty Collagen

Beauty Collagen

I designed Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen to target the growing need for a more rejuvenating and nourishing product for skin health. Widespread pollution and stressful lifestyles require health-aligned skin solutions targeted to specific concerns. 

Beauty Collagen has been designed exclusively to support SKIN HEALTH and consists of 50% pure, marine collagen with the addition of Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin B5 + Turmeric.

Vitamin C is a potent antioxidant and a primary contributor to healthy collagen formation for normal skin function. B5 is a natural hydrator known to calm and soften skin by moisturising the outer layer of the skin, reducing the appearance of tiredness and fatigue.

Zinc is unable to be stored in the body for long periods, making daily consumption essential. Zinc contributes to normal skin structure and wound healing. 

Beauty Collagen should be added to cold beverages 

Healthy Chef Everyday Greens

What is the Healthy Chef Everyday Greens?

Healthy Chef Everyday Greens is a delicious alkalising blend of organic leafy greens combined with L-Glutamine along with probiotics to support digestive health and optimum wellbeing.

Wanting to get healthy but just don’t know where to start? Supercharge your diet with this green superfood drink, developed as an easy way to get more green vegetables into your diet. Perfect for busy office workers, travellers and mums on the run, Everyday Greens delivers wholefood nutrition in a quick, easy and convenient way. Enjoy a Healthy Chef Everyday Greens daily and feel the difference it makes to your health.

What are the benefits?

  • Antioxidant-rich
  • Gluten free / No Bloating
  • Suitable for the whole Family
  • Probiotic / Digestive Blend
  • Vegan/ Plant-Based
  • Non GMO / No artificial flavours
  • No Added sugar
  • Low FODMAP
  • Detox support
  • Weight Loss Support
  • Added L-Glutamine

How do I take The Healthy Chef Everyday Greens?

Everyday Greens is a great addition to your diet for a daily nutritional boost.

Mix 2 teaspoons into a large glass of water and enjoy. You can also add Healthy Chef Everyday Greens into power smoothies, cold-pressed juices or mix with cultured yoghurt + fresh berries for a purely delicious breakfast.

For a quick and easy breakfast on the run, blend 2 teaspoons Everyday Greens with 1 frozen banana, 1 cup almond milk, 1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Protein and some ice. Enjoy.

Is it safe for children?

This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women; should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

Is it suitable for use during pregnancy or nursing?

This food is not a sole source of nutrition and should be used in conjunction with regular exercise and a healthy diet. Not suitable for children under 15 years of age or pregnant women; should only be used under medical or dietetic supervision.

I have digestive issues will the Everyday Greens cause symptoms?

Healthy Chef Everyday Greens has added L-Glutamine and is rich in probiotics to nourish healthy gut flora and promote healthy digestive function. All Healthy Chef products are designed to support digestion and ingredients known to trigger digestive symptoms are purposely avoided, e.g. lactose, gluten, chemicals, preservatives, milk solids, added fibres, fillers, gums.

If you have specific digestive sensitivities, start off with smaller doses mixed simply with plain water and build your intake up slowly.

What does the Everyday Greens taste like?

Refreshing green blend with subtle notes of pineapple and lemon.

What's the difference between the Everyday Greens + Organic Superfood?

The Healthy Chef Everyday Greens is a blend of green superfoods and antioxidant PLUS it contains added L-Glutamine, and is rich in probiotics which is great for people with FODMAP or troublesome digestive issues. The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood works as a pre-biotic in the digestive system, helping to stimulate regularity and good gut flora in the digestive system. Both are wonderful mixed into water, your favourite smoothie and stirred through cultured yoghurt for breakfast. They both complement each other perfectly.

When should I take the Everyday Greens?

Anytime! Simply add 1 tablespoon into a large glass of water or juice and enjoy or combine with The Healthy Chef Protein a frozen banana and a cup of nut milk for a complete healthy meal replacement. The Healthy Chef Everyday Greens is also delicious mixed into cultured yoghurt and topped with fresh kiwifruit for a healthy delicious breakfast on the go.

The Healthy Chef Protein Powders

Why do I need protein?

  • Keep blood sugars stable
  • Curb appetite
  • Keeps you fuller for longer
  • Supports weight loss and a healthy metabolism
  • Maintain a healthy Immune system
  • Build and repair the body
  • Support new growth and maintenance
  • Sustain lean muscle
  • Prevent muscle wastage
  • Assist in hormone production
  • Assist in recovery from sport or illness

Why we love The Healthy Chef protein powders?

  • Pure, natural, undenatured
  • Easily digested – no bloating or digestive disturbance
  • Well tolerated by individuals with food sensitivities including lactose intolerance
  • No gluten or wheat
  • No sugar
  • No vegetable oils
  • No soy
  • No skim milk powder or milk solids
  • No lactose
  • No artificial chemicals or preservatives
  • No sugar or artificial sweeteners
  • No gums or thickeners
  • No GMOs
  • Low fat
  • Low carbohydrate
  • Low allergen
  • Purely Delicious!

What is the difference between the WPI and the Organic pea protein?

Protein Power Comparisons HERE          

How do I use Healthy chef protein?

  • Blend it – One serve of protein into your favourite power smoothie. We love frozen banana, almond milk and Healthy Chef Protein in vanilla!
  • Shake it – One serve Healthy Chef protein with icy cold coconut water or filtered water. This is the perfect sports recovery formula after a workout.
  • Mix it – As directed into homemade protein balls, power bars, cakes + pancakes.

Is Healthy Chef Protein suitable for use during pregnancy + breastfeeding?

Yes, made from wholefood natural ingredients it is a safe way to assist pregnant and nursing mothers in meeting their nutritional requirements. We recommend speaking to your Naturopath or health care professional when starting a new health routine.

Is the Maca in Organic Pea Cocoa + Maca suitable during pregnancy + breastfeeding?

Healthy Chef Organic Pea in Cocoa + Maca only contains a hint of Maca powder (0.3g/serve), but it is best to seek individual guidance from your health practitioner. Large doses of Maca should be avoided during pregnancy and breastfeeding as it has hormone-modulating properties.

Can children use Healthy Chef Protein?

Yes – it is suitable for children, particularly fussy eaters or those on restrictive diets. We recommend reducing the serving size to suit your child’s requirement e.g. 1/4 – 1/2 the adult serve. Try blending 1 frozen banana with 1 1/2 cups of rice milk, 1 spoon of tahini for calcium and a spoonful of Healthy Chef Protein for a delicious kid friendly smoothie.

I have a sensitive digestive system; will I tolerate the Healthy Chef Protein?

Yes – they are well tolerated by people with gastrointestinal issues thanks to the following:

Will the protein powders help with appetite control?

Regular and adequate intake of protein helps keep you feeling full for longer, helps stabilise blood sugar levels and lowers the GI of meals.

Are the protein powders suitable for weight loss?

Yes – Healthy Chef protein can be used as a meal replacement in conjunction with a nutrient dense diet. Both Pure Native WPI and Organic Pea Protein are suited to your individual weight loss regimes as protein helps to promote satiety between meals. Other benefits of protein include:

  • Appetite regulation
  • Prevention of muscle wastage
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Healthy metabolism

Can I use the protein powders as a meal replacement?

Yes, Healthy Chef Protein Powders can be used as meal replacement in combination with the right carbohydrates, antioxidants, fibre and prebiotics your body needs to keep you sustained and energised.

1 ) Combine a serving of the Healthy Chef Protein and our Organic Superfood into a blender with your choice of almond milk or water, then add frozen blueberries or banana and blend. 

2 ) The second option is just to shake or blend a serving of The Healthy Chef Protein and Organic Superfood or Green Smoothie with water or almond milk in our blender bottle. I like to add a little ice and make it cold. 

Is Healthy Chef protein suitable for sports performance and recovery?

Yes – it is a great source of rapidly absorbed, bio-available protein to help to promote muscle growth, repair and recovery. The Pure Native WPI is best suited to athletic use as it is naturally rich in branched-chain amino acids, which promotes muscle recovery. The Pure Native WPI is one of the richest sources of glutathione, a potent antioxidant that helps to prevent cellular damage.

How much protein do I need?

Protein requirements vary with age, gender, activity levels and your goals. You can estimate your requirements using the Health Chef Protein Calculator.

Can’t I just get enough protein from food?

Consuming a wide variety of quality protein sources through whole foods should always be a priority… a balanced wholefood diet may include adequate amounts of grass fed meat, fish, poultry, eggs, nuts, seeds, legumes and organic dairy. However, many people find this difficult for various reasons e.g. time poor, lack of access to quality food, eating too much processed food and increased requirements (e.g. pregnancy/nursing and athletic training + competition). Healthy Chef Protein offers a convenient and natural source of protein to help people meet their daily recommended requirements.

What is the difference between WPI and Whey protein concentrate?

This is a very common question, you can find out more on this topic here

I have noticed there are black dots scattered within the actual powder. I was just wondering what they might be?

This is perfectly awesome! They are called pure vanilla bean pods because we use REAL vanilla in our powders.

Pure and fragrant vanilla bean powder from Tahiti and Madagascar is organically grown, naturally cured and sun-dried then ground into the purest fragrant powder available. Vanilla helps relax the nervous system and reduce inflammation. It is rich in antioxidants and also enhances mental performance.

My protein tub is dented, is it safe to use?

Many protein powders including Whey Protein Isolate, Organic Pea Protein and other types, can be oxygen scavengers depending on various things (including humidity, temperature and time). To keep our beautiful products fresh for you, we seal them with induction foil, this creates a closed space and essentially a vacuum is created and the walls of the tub can in some instances give way. However, there is nothing wrong with the product inside! If you have any concerns, please contact us on [email protected]

Body Shaping Protein

What is Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein?

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein is the perfect vegan blend to support optimal health + wellbeing. A delicious blend of organic plant protein combined with all 9 essential amino acids, nutrients such as antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes and nourishing botanicals including Withania and Dandelion to support a healthy metabolism and boost your wellbeing. Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein comes in a box of 14 convenient sachet sized servings so you can easily pop one in your handbag, gym bag or suitcase when travelling.

How does Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein differ to Organic Pea Protein and Pure Native WPI?

Our Organic Pea Protein and Pure Native WPI are pure proteins (nothing else added), whereas, Body Shaping Protein is a blend of pure plant proteins and contains over 20 other superfood nutrients such as probiotics, digestive enzymes and nourishing botanicals to support weight management.

What are the benefits of Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein? 

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein is designed to help you get in the best shape of your life. It is specifically designed to nourish hormones and support detoxification and a healthy metabolism.

Is it sugar + gluten-free?

YES! It is made from nourishing wholefoods that are quickly infused into the body and it has No Sugar – No Gluten - No Dairy or Soy making it suitable for those with food sensitivities or allergies.

What are the essential nutrients in Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein?

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein contains all 9 essential amino acids that are vital for energy and boosting metabolism as well as repairing and supporting a lean, toned body.

It contains the following essential nutrients:  

All 9 essential amino acids: Essential for energy, repairing the body + hormonal health.

L-Glutamine for a healthy digestive system and to support muscle repair + recovery.

Bromelain: Digestive enzymes to aid protein digestion and to assist absorption.

Probiotics: Helps to support gut function and the growth of good bacteria.

Withania (Ashwagandha): An ancient Ayurvedic herb to help reduce stress and boost your immune system and support good health and wellbeing.

Dandelion: High in antioxidants to support liver function, weight management and detoxification.

Turmeric: To help reduce inflammation, enhance detoxification and regulate blood sugar.

Green Tea Extract: To boost your metabolism and support thyroid health, stabilise blood sugar and reduce appetite.

Antioxidants: Including pomegranate, rosehip, blueberry, grapeseed, broccoli sprout and spinach for youthful skin and to support total wellbeing.

Vitamin D: Each serve contains 1000 IU plant-based vitamin D to support weight management, assist in bone health and optimal immune function.

Pure Cinnamon: To stabilise blood sugar, support gut health and nourish hormonal health.

How does Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein differ from others on the market?

Many proteins on the market contain fillers that can cause bloating and weight gain. Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein has NO FILLERS, is low in fat, low in carbohydrates and free of soy, sugar, gluten, dairy and lactose, making it suitable for those who suffer from food allergies and food sensitivities.

How do I use Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein?

Simply shake or blend one sachet of Body Shaping Protein into plant-based milk, filtered water or into a smoothie for a nourishing breakfast or protein-rich snack. 

One of Teresa’s favourite recipes combines ½ avocado, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup cold water and one sachet of Body Shaping Protein for a purely delicious, antioxidant-rich breakfast.

Is Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein suitable for use during pregnancy + breastfeeding?

We do not recommend consumption of Body Shaping Protein during pregnancy due to the active ingredients in the formula and the detoxification effects they have on the body.

Can children use Body Shaping Protein?

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein is not suitable for Children under the age of 15. However, Healthy Chef Organic Pea Protein and Pure Native WPI is suitable for children of all ages.

I have a sensitive digestive system, can I tolerate Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein?

Yes! We’ve combined our 100% un-denatured vegan protein with probiotics and digestive enzymes so it is suitable for those with digestive issues.

 It is also:

  • Free from gluten, soy, fillers, gums, artificial sweeteners, chemicals, preservatives, lactose and added sugars.
  • Low in fermentable carbohydrates (FODMAPS).
  • Pea protein and Brown Rice protein is naturally lactose-free.
  • Made with pure, high-quality ingredients.

Will Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein help with appetite control?

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein contains 17g of protein per serve as well as essential nutrients which can help with satiety and appetite control.

Can I use it as a meal replacement?

Yes, by adding it into a nourishing smoothie and blending berries, leafy greens and healthy fats such as avocado. One of our favourite recipes contains ½ avocado, 1 cup frozen strawberries, 1 cup filtered water and one sachet of Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein.

Is Body Shaping Protein suitable for weight loss?

Yes! Body Shaping Protein has been designed specifically for those who are wanting to reach their ideal weight. I’ve combined pure plant-based ingredients with essential nutrients and botanicals that can assist you in reaching your body shaping goals.

Healthy Chef Turmeric latte

What is the Turmeric Latte?

The Healthy Chef Turmeric Latte is a delicious, healing and restorative blend of organic turmeric, cinnamon, ginger and wild vanilla bean.

It is based on Ayurvedic principles of ancient medicine and is easily mixed with your choice of hot milk for a nourishing and delicious drink.

Turmeric Latte can also be mixed into your favourite smoothies for breakfast or stirred into a warming power porridge or chia pudding.

What milk is the best to use?

The Healthy Chef Turmeric Latte works well with both dairy and non-dairy milks. We love using drinking coconut milk, home-made almond milk and rice milk.

Just heat up 1 cup gently on top of the stove, add 1/2 teaspoon of Healthy Chef Turmeric Latte and whisk through. Pour into your favourite mug and enjoy. 

You can also heat using the milk steamer in your coffee machine. Adding a small knob of ghee or cultured butter at the end and stirring through will assist in nutrient absorption, assist gut health and make this latte extra wonderful.

Does it contain nuts, preservatives or any other artificial additives?

The Healthy Chef Turmeric Latte contains only pure, premium, organic healing spices. We do not add any sugars, artificial sweeteners or milk powders to our product.

What is the difference between Healthy Chef Matcha and Healthy Chef Turmeric Latte?

Turmeric Latte is a healing blend of organic spices crafted to nourish your digestive and immune system. It is 100% caffeine free and designed for any time of day drinking. It’s especially wonderful as a night cap before bedtime.

Healthy Chef Organic Matcha works more as an antioxidant rich pick me up….it is made from organically grown green tea leaves and contain small amount of caffeine which is released slowly in the body throughout the day. Matcha is best consumed before lunch and makes the perfect morning tea replacement instead of coffee. Healthy Chef Organic Matcha is made from ceremonial grade green tea leaves ground up into a fine powder. It is designed to give you energy and well as boost your metabolism.

Does Turmeric Latte contain caffeine?

Turmeric Latte does not contain caffeine, making it a perfect drink to relax and unwind.  

Can I drink Turmeric Latte if I’m pregnant/breastfeeding.

All ingredients in Turmeric Latte are safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women, however, we always recommend to consult your healthcare practitioner as everyone’s needs are unique during this special time.

Can I drink too much Turmeric Latte? How much do I need to drink to get the health benefits?

You can enjoy multiple cups of Turmeric Latte every day without any side effects. Each serving is designed to give you a healthy dose of curcumin which can assist in the management of inflammatory conditions.

Can I drink the Turmeric Latte cold, can I use it it other things than lattes?

Yes absolutely, this healing blend is delicious shaken with ice and fresh almond milk. We have used Turmeric Latte in breakfast bowls, pancakes and bliss balls at it is equally delicious.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, in fact, children love Turmeric Latte in their smoothies, best to adjust the dose for younger children.

Healthy Chef Immune Support

What is The Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support?

Sometimes our body needs a little helping hand; The Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support is a whole food blend designed to support a healthy immune system. The naturally occurring vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants and herbal medicine all work together to support a healthy immune function. The Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support is gently scented with organic orange + zesty ginger for gentle and natural anti-inflammatory support.

Health benefits of Natural Immune Support

  • Immune System Support
  • Stress / Adrenal Support
  • Anti Inflammatory
  • Bio Available
  • Rapid Absorption
  • Antioxidant
  • All natural

How many serves of Vitamin C does it contain?

One serve of Natural Immune Support contains >450mg of Vitamin C, 10 x the recommended daily intake of 45mg.

How many serves of vitamin D does it contain?

One serve of Natural Immune Support contains the full recommended daily intake of vitamin D (1000IU) for kids and adults.

Where does the Vitamin D come from?

We have sourced activated Organic mushrooms and included it in our formulation; this is one of the only vegan source sources of bio-available vitamin D.

Why we love The Healthy Chef Natural Immune Support

  • Vegan / Plant-Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free
  • No GMOs
  • No Added Sugar
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • No Artificial Flavours or Fillers
  • No Chemicals or Synthetics
  • Made from Wholefoods

Is it safe for children?

Yes, as we only use fresh whole food ingredients. We recommend speaking with your health care professional regarding dosing; children can have the full 7g dose which is 1 teaspoon. However, we recommend splitting the dose throughout the day to support immune health.

Is it suitable for use during pregnancy or nursing?

Yes, made from wholefood natural ingredients it is a safe way to assist pregnant and nursing mothers in meeting their nutritional requirements. We recommend speaking to your Naturopath or health care professional when starting a new health routine.

I have digestive issues will Natural Immune Support cause symptoms?

All Healthy Chef products are designed to support digestive function. Common ingredients that trigger digestive issues have been purposely avoided e.g. fillers, lactose, gluten, chemicals, preservatives, milk solids, etc. If you have digestive sensitivities, check the ingredients list before starting to see identify known natural triggers for your symptoms. If you are unsure, start off with smaller doses mixed with plain water and build up slowly.

What does Natural Immune Support taste like?

Natural Immune Support has a refreshing orange and ginger flavour.

When should I take Natural Immune Support?

It is best taken once a day during periods of stress, fatigue or illness. It is delicious mixed with water, juice or your favourite smoothie.

What’s the difference between Natural Immune Support and Organic Superfood?

Natural Immune Support is an anti-inflammatory blend of fruits, vegetables and herbs, ideal for nourishing the body during periods of immune and adrenal suppression e.g. stress, fatigue, illness, infection and vitamin D deficiency. It is safe to take on a daily basis and ideal for when you feel run down. Organic Superfood an energising blend of organic fruit and vegetables, perfect to use on a daily basis for general health and vitality. It provides a wonderful boost of energy pre or post workout or can be enjoyed at any time during the day.

Healthy Chef Organic Superfood

What is The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood?

A delicious blend of ten organic fruits + vegetables providing nutritional support for optimum health. The Organic Superfood Antioxidant has a delicious taste of wild berry that will nourish your body with vitality. It is designed to give you 30% of your recommended daily requirements in each serve.

Health benefits of The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood

  • Rich source of Antioxidants
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Naturally alkalizing
  • Rich in whole food vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients
  • Supports a healthy metabolism
  • Prebiotic properties
  • Naturally low GI
  • Gentle energy boost

How do I take The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood?

Organic Superfood is a great addition to your diet for a daily nutritional boost. Organic Superfood tastes delicious mixed in with water, fresh juice, coconut water, natural yoghurt or added to smoothies and Healthy Chef Protein shakes.

Why we love The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood

  • Vegan / Plant-Based
  • Gluten Free
  • Dairy Free, Soy Free
  • Low Carbohydrate, Low Fat
  • Low Fructose, No Added Sugar
  • No GMOs
  • No Artificial Sweeteners, Artificial Flavours or Fillers
  • No Chemicals or Synthetics
  • Made from all natural whole-food ingredients
  • Australian Certified Organic

Is it safe for children?

Yes, as it is made from whole food natural ingredients, children can have the full 7g dose. It is particularly useful for fussy eaters or children on restrictive diets. We recommend speaking to your Naturopath or healthcare professional when starting a new health routine.

Is it suitable for use during pregnancy or nursing?

Yes, made from whole food natural ingredients it is a safe way to assist pregnant and nursing mothers in meeting their nutritional requirements. We recommend speaking to your Naturopath or healthcare professional when starting a new health routine.

I have digestive issues will Organic Superfood cause symptoms?

Organic Superfood contains pre-biotic fibre to nourish the gut and promote healthy digestive function. All Healthy Chef products are designed to support digestion and ingredients known to trigger digestive symptoms are purposely avoided, e.g. lactose, gluten, chemicals, preservatives, milk solids, fillers, gums. If you have specific digestive sensitivities, check the ingredients list before using Organic Superfood to identify any known triggers. If you are unsure, start off with smaller doses mixed with plain water and build your intake up slowly.

What does Organic Superfood taste like?

Organic Superfood has a purely delicious taste of wild berries.

When should I take Organic Superfood?

Anytime! Use it pre or post workout for energy and recovery, in your morning smoothie, as an afternoon pick-me-up or mixed in with yoghurt for a healthy snack.

Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat

What is Naked Chocolat?

Naked Chocolat is our Purely Delicious range of European-style drinking chocolate, available in both Dark and Mylk varieties.

What is the difference between the two flavours?

Naked Chocolat – MYLK
: Wild, free and natural, Naked Chocolat MYLK features Tahitian Vanilla and has exceptional tasting notes of caramel and a sensual floral aroma that evokes the wild, free spirit inside every cup.

Naked Chocolat – DARK
: Smooth and sophisticated Naked Chocolate DARK contains Madagascan Bourbon Vanilla, which enhances the seductive chocolate experience. Notes of roasted almond and a hint of spice result in an unforgettable marriage of flavours.

Why we love The Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat

  • Alkalising
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • No added sugar
  • Low GI
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients
  • Energizing
  • Healthy and indulgent
  • Plant based

How do I use Naked Chocolat?

  • Hot or cold with organic full cream milk, homemade nut milk, coconut milk or non-GMO organic soy milk.
  • On the go – shaken in a blender bottle.
  • Scooped into smoothies and protein shakes for an extra chocolate boost.
  • In baking, desserts and protein power balls. For richer, chocolate flavour, the Naked Chocolat Dark is my favourite choice.
  • Sweetened to taste if desired – you are in control. Add your own coconut sugar, maple syrup, honey or rapadura.

Is it safe for children?

Yes, it is a wonderful, natural low sugar drink that kids will love. Kids love it in a milkshake blended with milk, frozen banana and a little honey.

Is it suitable for use during pregnancy or nursing?

Naked Chocolat Dark contains Maca powder, a Peruvian herb, which has hormone-modulating properties. Large doses of Maca are not recommended during pregnancy and nursing, so it is best to consult with your healthcare practitioner first.

Does Naked Chocolat contain sugar?

Naked Chocolat does not contain added sugar. Cacao, carob and maca powder are natural sources of carbohydrate, which includes starch, fibre and sugar. Naked Chocolat contains small amounts of sugar from these ingredients (1.9 -2.6g per serve). It is low GI and suitable for use by people with diabetes or adhering to low sugar diets. When comparing drinking chocolate varieties, look at both the nutritional panel and ingredients list to determine whether sugar has been added to the product.

Healthy Chef Organic Matcha

Why we love our Organic Matcha Tea

Studies have shown Matcha has the ability to boost your immunity, control your stress and assist in weight loss!

 Healthy Chef Organic Matcha Green Tea is the champion of green tea. One bowl of Matcha tea is equivalent to 10 cups of green tea – it’s a powerful, green tonic to revitalise the body and mind. 

Matcha is particularly rich in Catechins, a powerful flavonoid shown to have antioxidant and heart protective properties. It also contains high levels of L-theanine, a unique blend of amino acid which helps to reduce stress and anxiety.

Health benefits of Matcha Tea

  • Australian Organic Certified
  • Naturally high in antioxidants
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Weight loss support
  • Naturally energising
  • Gluten free, Dairy free, Lactose-free

Where is The Healthy Chef Organic Matcha Tea sourced from?

Our Organic Matcha Green Tea is grown in pristine organic surroundings on Jeju Island in South Korea. Our Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder is elegantly grown in the shade of the highest quality volcanic soil in non-polluted areas so that the end result is a Matcha tea that retains maximum nutrients as well as being clean and pure. 

Does Matcha Tea contains caffeine?

Matcha Green Tea does contain caffeine however it’s about half that of a regular cup of black coffee. There is a fundamental difference with regards to how matcha caffeine impacts the body. The caffeine in matcha is assimilated and absorbed very slowly (over 6-8 hours), a huge difference from the quick 30-minute energy spike with coffee caffeine. This results in a long and sustained energy boost. There is also no blood sugar spike, insulin increase, or release of the stress hormone Cortisol, as with caffeine from coffee.

Healthy Chef Recipes App

How many recipes are in the App?

This is only the beginning for The Healthy Chef App; we will be adding free recipes with each update as well as healthy recipe bundles! Currently, there are over 210 recipes in the app, but this is always growing!

There are recipes on the website and not the app, will they be uploaded onto the app?

The Healthy Chef Recipes App features the most popular recipes from The Healthy Chef website! Teresa has been sharing recipes for many years, as you can expect there are hundreds of recipes to pick from! We will be adding more recipes with each app update.

Are the recipes in the app exclusive?

The Healthy Chef App features the most popular recipes from The Healthy Chef website as well as exclusive recipes.

At the moment, the app has over 210+ recipes for $4.49 AUS, and since its launch, we have added over 60 free recipes to the app and are working on more features on regular basis.

What type of recipes are featured in the app?

All the recipes in The Healthy Chef Recipes App are similar to that on The Healthy Chef website! In the app you will find recipes for all dietary lifestyles: gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, high protein, anti-ageing, raw, antioxidant rich + more!

Healthy Chef eBooks

I have downloaded my ebook and now I am having troubles opening it, how do I fix this?

The Healthy Chef eBooks are suitable for iBooks and Google Play. If you are having any troubles with your eBook we suggest you delete it from your device and download it again from your iCloud account.

Healthy Chef Nut Milk Bag

How do I use my nut milk bag?

Simply line a bowl with the Nut Milk Bag and pour your blended nut/seed mixture into it. Squeeze the top and tie the drawstring, then gently massage it from the top down – just like milking a cow! The nut/seed milk will strain through and leave a beautiful pulp, which you can use for other recipes!

You can even use it for juices if you need to strain out all the pulp – or squeeze excess juice from your zucchini fritters!

Why Should I Soak The Nuts and Seeds?

Nuts and seeds are filled with nutrition, but their life-giving nutrients are dormant, held back by enzyme inhibitors. All it takes to awaken them and release their goodness along with all the healthy fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals – is to soak them.

How Long Should I Soak The Nuts and Seeds?

Almonds: 8-12 hours (best overnight)
Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Pecans, Walnuts: 2-4 hours
Macadamias, Pine Nuts, Pistachios: Not necessary
Sesame and Pumpkin: 8 hours
Don’t keep the soak water. Make sure to rinse and drain the nuts and seeds before blending.

How do I make nut milk?

Teresa has lots of delicious nut milk recipes in her book Purely Delicious, as well as the recipe app. See her recipe for almond milk.

How to Make Basic Nut or Seed Milk?

1 cup nuts or seeds, soaked (see above) and rinsed
4 to 6 cups water depending on whether you want a thicker or thinner milk
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract or ½ teaspoon vanilla paste
1-2 tablespoon raw honey or maple syrup, or 1-3 Medjool dates, pitted (optional)

Blend, Squeeze and Enjoy. 

How Do I Care for my Nut Milk Bag?

Cleaning is easy.
1. Empty the leftover pulp into a freezer bag or container for another use.
2. Rinse the bag under running warm water. You can apply a small drop of dish soap if needed.
3. Utilise the drawstring to easily hang to air dry on a hook or knob in your kitchen.

Healthy Chef Apron

Tell me about The Healthy Chef Apron?

The Healthy Chef Apron is for those who love to cook! Keep your clothes clean and use the pocket for those things you want to keep handy when cooking.

How do I care for my Healthy Chef Apron?

Your Healthy Chef Apron is crafted from a unique blend of pure linen and cotton weave. Please wash on a gentle cycle in the washing machine, or alternatively, hand wash in a tub or basin.

Will The Healthy Chef Apron fit me?

The Healthy Chef Apron is a generous one size fits all! It has adjustable straps – big enough for 2!

What colours are available?

The Healthy Chef Apron is available in French Vanilla and Olive Green.

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