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Beauty Collagen Jelly

This Beauty Collagen Jelly is a protein-rich, gut-friendly snack perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Made with Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen, it delivers a delicious orange citrus flavour + supports glowing skin, strong nails and luscious hair. The natural sweetness in this jelly comes from fresh orange juice, which...

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OMG Chocolate Cupcakes

Just like the name, this cupcake recipe will have everyone saying OMG! These chocolate...

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Spinach + Ricotta Tart

This recipe is featured in my 80/20 Diet book and it's basically a throw it...

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These purely delicious protein balls are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals for healthy...

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Dipped Chocolate Fruit

An amazing quick recipe everyone will enjoy.

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How To Make Chocolate Ganache

The secret to a purely delicious chocolate cake is the ganache that covers...

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Gluten-Free Christmas Cake

This is my favourite recipe featured in my two cookbooks Healthy Baking +...

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