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Body Shaping Protein

Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein is the perfect vegan blend to support optimal health + wellbeing. A delicious blend of organic plant protein combined with all 9 essential amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, digestive enzymes, Vitamin D and the nourishing botanical, Dandelion to support a healthy metabolism and boost your wellbeing. Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein comes in a box of 14 convenient sachet sized servings so you can easily pop one in your handbag, gym bag or suitcase when travelling.
Body Shaping Protein Vanilla Protein The Healthy Chef
Body Shaping Protein Vanilla 420g
Regular price $ 58.95 AUD
Body Shaping Protein Cocoa Protein The Healthy Chef
Body Shaping Protein Cocoa 420g
Regular price $ 58.95 AUD
Body Shaping Twin Pack _redirect The Healthy Chef
Body Shaping Twin Pack
Regular price $ 106.12 AUD

What our customers are saying

" I have been using HC products for years and they’re the only ones I trust, and my body responds to and loves as well. I have always used Vanilla Pea Protein, but thought I’d mix it up and give the body shaping protein a go. And wow I was not expecting to see/feel such noticeable changes so quickly!! Being in Melbourne in stage 4 lockdown has meant my beloved pilates studio closing + loosing a ritual of me time whilst having to homeschool my 2 boys. This protein has really helped to keep me feeling positive about my body and giving me the emotional and physical energy to keep on keeping on during these tough times. I think I am converted! Thank you once again for another amazing product that you should be so proud of! "


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