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E-Gift Voucher Gift Voucher The Healthy Chef

E-Gift Voucher

  • Regular price $ 50.00 AUD

The perfect gift of good health + wellbeing, instantly delivered via email to the discerning health afficionado or someone special.


The Healthy Chef e-vouchers are a quick and convenient way to give the gift of good health.  
After purchase, your e-vouchers will be e-mailed to the recipient, along with your personalised message.
A confirmation of what payment was made (including any gift voucher payment) will be shown in your order confirmation.

The eVouchers start at $50 upto a total of $250 - perfect for any budget. 


  1. This voucher can be redeemed to purchase Healthy Chef products online and in store, at thehealthychef.com.
  2. Healthy Chef gift vouchers cannot be used to purchase additional Healthy Chef gift vouchers.
  3. Gift vouchers can be redeemed in part, the remaining balance stays on the gift card for use on your next purchase.
  4. Gift vouchers must be redeemed within twelve months of purchase.
  5. If the order value is greater than the value of the gift voucher, the difference must be paid by your credit card or Paypal.
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The healthy chef difference

Natural and Organic

High quality products + recipes that inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living.

Gut Friendly

Natural wholefood blends, free from gluten, sweeteners + fillers, for sensitive digestive systems.

Wholefood Nutrition

Sourced from nature to retain the highest possible nutrients. Clean + natural functional food for the whole family.

Partners in health