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3 Breakfasts to Improve Your Gut Health

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What we eat and drink builds the foundation of our health. We eat to obtain nutrients for our muscles and organs, to promote the growth and repair of our tissues, and to support our immune system in fighting disease.

Common dietary culprits that may be affecting your digestion include: poor quality food choices (e.g. too much refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and processed foods, consuming inadequate fresh fruits and vegetables, eating too fast, dehydration, food sensitivities (gluten, wheat and lactose intolerances), spicy foods, rich or oily foods, heavy meats and eating large portion sizes.


In my book Perfect Digestive Health, my two-week meal plan and recipes are based around a diet free from gluten, dairy and refined sugars to give the digestive system the best chance of of resetting and having a fresh start.


Breakfast is the best time of day to infuse your body with goodness, so give it a powerful dose of fresh raw juice or a protein rich smoothie every day. Breakfast is the best time of day to infuse your body with goodness, so give it a powerful dose of fresh raw juice or a protein rich smoothie every day. It’s also important that breakfast is balanced with protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates to sustain energy levels and curb unhealthy cravings before lunchtime. Have gut-friendly nutrients that come from fruits + vegetables to help with digestion and to support total wellbeing.

Here are my top 3 gut-friendly breakfasts that will change your mornings:


One of the easiest and most delicious breakfasts I love to prepare is my Superfood Muesli. I simply mix natural coconut yoghurt with 1 tablespoon of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood and then top it with luscious berries and some nuts for added protein and crunch.

The delicious berry flavour of Healthy Chef Organic Superfood marries well with the yoghurt and is a delicious source of both pre-biotics and probiotics which helps to stimulate regularity and good gut flora in the digestive system.


Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is a rich source of soluble fibres that come from organic fruits and vegetables, helping to feed the good bacteria in our large intestine and make them thrive.


I designed Healthy Chef Green Body Shaping Smoothie to support my own digestive health requirements and busy work schedule.


 Healthy Chef Green Body Shaping Smoothie is an alkalising blend of organic green superfoods and probiotics which is great for people who are looking for a daily greens powder that they can easily mix into water or add to a protein rich smoothie every morning for breakfast.

Get your one serve a day of Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein with this delicious green smoothie. The essential nutrients from Body Shaping Protein will help support detoxification and a healthy metabolism, nourish your hormones, and keep you satisfied for hours! Healthy Chef Everyday Greens is also rich in probiotics to support gut health. This is a wonderful low-sugar smoothie to enjoy for breakfast or lunch.

Healthy eating all starts in the kitchen. Just by making a few simple changes to the ingredients you choose, how you cook them and your portion size, you can make improvements to your health and wellbeing that last a lifetime. 


There’s nothing more enjoyable than baking some savoury breakfast muffins, such as my Spinach, Kale + Chia Muffins from my bestselling book, Healthy Baking. These muffins are high in protein and gluten-free, which means they will keep you satisfied and full of energy all morning.

Instead of flour, which is found in most store-bought muffins, I use quinoa and almond meal which are both high in protein which provides the body amino acids for growth and repair. The addition of kale and baby spinach in this recipe helps to provide fibre, antioxidants and restorative minerals, while the chia seeds add plant-based omega 3 and fibre for healthy digestion.


This is a delicious savoury breakfast from my bestselling book Healthy Baking. Bursting with superfoods and protein, these muffins will keep you satisfied and full of energy all morning. Top with smashed avocado, matcha, salt and micro greens.

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