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Announcing my new partner in health, TAL

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I’m so excited to announce our new partners in health, TAL.

TAL has launched a great initiative for their financial advisers, called TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life. TAL’s aim is to encourage wellness among all Australians, supporting their customers to be well, keep well and achieve their best health as quickly as possible after an accident or illness.

The TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life program encourages a holistic approach to achieving optimum health, which I think is a great incentive for people to live healthier lives.

As an ambassador for the TAL Health Sense: Fit for Life program, I will be contributing healthy recipes and wellbeing articles to the program, as well as attending various events and conducting masterclasses.

TAL is Australia’s life insurance specialist and has been helping protect people for 140 years.


They are such a great fit because my aim is all about inspiring people to improve their health and wellbeing by teaching them to cook their own food and eat healthier.

As The Healthy Chef continues to grow to reflect my passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle, I am delighted to partner with TAL, who share the same passion for promoting happy and healthier lives.


Teresa Cutter

Partners in health