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My Anti-Ageing Protocol + My Beauty Boosting Smoothie

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Ageing well comes from the food you eat as well as your lifestyle. As I often get asked what my approach is for anti-ageing and for keeping healthy.  I'm sharing my ultimate simple protocol that I aim to do every day in order to keep my skin glowing and my body feeling healthy.  You might also like to read my nutrition recommendations for anti-ageing in my latest post, Your Anti-Ageing Nutrition Plan.

My method to anti-ageing is about PREVENTION and to maintain the quality of my skin and physique as best as I can through a wholefood diet and healthy lifestyle. My great Polish aunt had it sorted. She was stringent with her skin care routine as well as her diet..perhaps more focused on gut health then most people of that time.

I try to subscribe to her routine and her practical approach to good health as well as natural beauty which came from her diet and lifestyle. I also try to manage my stress levels that can sometime get out of control,  and I aim to get quality sleep most weeknights. It's that consistent approach to wellness that you need to do every day which will form the foundation to your health.




Beauty on the outside is intrinsically linked to health and wellbeing on the inside. Super foods, whole foods and gut health are frequently spoken about, in the blogasphere, but my aim is to inspire and teach women about how to incorporate them into an everyday diet that will improve not only the health of your digestive system, but your outer glow and skin quality.

At The Healthy Chef, I am always researching the latest studies and combining new and innovative ingredients into my formulations. One of my favourite go-to spring breakfasts at this time would have to be my protein-rich beauty smoothie.


I combine fresh berries, Healthy Chef protein powder,  a few spoons of organic coconut yoghurt or kefir,  1/4 an avocado, a handful of leafy greens,  vitamin C rich iced Beauty Tea, chia gel, Organic Superfood and some ice. It takes just 1 minute to prepare and is full of collagen boosting protein, vitamin C to help aid in collagen production, and healthy fats and omega 3's  to maintain glowing skin.

I eat clean nourishing wholefoods that include lots of antioxidant-rich leafy greens and berries, good fats with a little protein. The nutrition from wholefoods give strength and structure to your skin and will help it glow.


I usually  dry body bruch then shower first thing in the morning, followed by drinking a large glass of water, lemon and a spoon of Everyday Greens to wake up my digestive system and support my liver. I then go for a power walk around the park. If I don’t walk, I do Pilates which helps improve my strength and flexibility. When I get home I enjoy a cup of organic matcha tea then a breakfast smoothie, which is usually a smoothie with a blend of Organic Superfoods and Greens and I add a spoonful of  Healthy Chef protein.


I need my protein in the mornings because it keeps me full, supports my lean muscle, maintains my skin and hair health and keeps me energised all day.


Drinking my matcha tea every morning helps to get things started.  It’s awesome on its own as a coffee alternative, or with coconut water as a pre-workout drink. Matcha is most helpful for those who want to reach their body shaping goals as matcha is naturally contains an excellent source of EGCG (Epigallocatechin Gallate), with levels significantly higher than regular green tea. EGCG is a molecule in matcha tea with naturally has metabolism boosting and thermogenic affects in the body, meaning it gently supports weight loss. The EGCG antioxidant in matcha is also responsible for slowing skin cell degeneration, keeping the skin from ageing, and promoting tighter and smoother skin. You can read more about matcha in my post, The Secret to Anti-Ageing.


EGCG is a molecule in matcha tea with naturally has metabolism boosting and thermogenic affects in the body, meaning it gently supports weight loss.


I love my rose hip oil at night before I go to bed. It keeps skin supple and moisturised. also love spritzing my face with rose water or a simple face mist – it stops my skin from drying out during the day and keeps me fresh.  Exfoliation keeps my skin glowing and looking so great. I dry body brush as I get up – it smooths and detoxifies my skin and stimulates circulation.  I also apply a little olive or cold-pressed almond oil over the rest of my body whilst still damp out of the shower and lightly pat it dry…. it makes a wonderful body moisturiser.


These days, I love eating generous amounts of healthy fats, such as avocado and extra virgin olive oil. They are both rich in mono-unsaturated fat that helps to nourish our cells and improve skin clarity and texture. An exta bonus is that avocados are rich in the mineral boron that improves bone density as it helps absorb calcium.


Make a detox salad with leafy greens, avocado and extra virgin olive oil dressing. A bonus is to blend a small spoonful of matcha with lime, olive oil and papaya then drizzle over the salad. The vitamin A in the papaya will also help keep skin health.



I aim to do a weeks seasonal detox every 3 months. It keeps my health in check and gets me set up for the busy months ahead. While many detoxes revolve around juice cleanses, I like to focus more on clean eating with foods that include salads, vegetables and quality protein for my body to repair.


For a healthy treat I love blending 1 cup of home made almond milk, 1/4 avocado, 2 fresh dates, 1 spoon of Healthy Chef Protein, a spoonful of Naked Chocolat and some ice.


My daily power walks around the park are like meditating with nature. It’s the most relaxing thing I love to do. Other ways I like to take time for myself is to get in the kitchen and bake cakes, breads or cookies… Using your hands, kneading the dough…it’s very therapeutic for the soul. I love soaking in a warm bath with candles and essential oils such as sandalwood, lavender or rose if I get the time in the evening. I add magnesium oil or some mineral rich salt to help relax the body. I always get a good night’s sleep afterwards.




1 glass filtered water 

1 cup of Healthy Chef Matcha Green Tea


Beauty Boosting Smoothie


Nicoise Salad


Smashed Green Peas + Pan Roasted Salmon


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