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How to Use Healthy Chef Protein

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Many people often ask me how to use Healthy Chef Protein, especially when they’re starting on their new healthy eating plan or are wanting to get more protein into their diet.

What I love about Healthy Chef Protein is that it supplies a rich dose of essential amino acids your body needs to thrive and feel satisfied, in a delicious and efficient way. This means it works as a nourishing meal replacement, quick-fix snack or pre- or post-workout drink. I designed Healthy Chef Protein to be a premium source of clean protein made made with honest, wholefood ingredients. There are no fillers, gums or artificial ingredients so it helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, boosts your metabolism and won’t cause bloating like other proteins.


I'm passionate about improving people's health as wellbeing, as well as eating foods that are as pure as nature intended. In this way, you'll be looking after your health which affects how you look and feel. Healthy eating just has to be simple  - use the best wholefood ingredients - make it purely delicious.

Here’s how to use Healthy Chef Protein at any time of the day:


Having a quality source of protein for breakfast can help to regulate the appetite so you’re less likely to be snacking before lunchtime. My hubby loves coffee, so I make him a protein smoothie using filter coffee, Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI, banana and almond milk. I personally love blending Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI vanilla, with 1 cup of pumpkin seed milk,  1 tablespoon Green Smoothie Blend, ½ tsp of Healthy Chef Matcha, 1 frozen banana a little vanilla. Simply divine and you're ready to take on the morning.



Whenever the body is growing, repairing or replacing tissue – especially after a workout - proteins are involved.

To repair the body after a workout and create lean, toned muscles try my Goodness Shake. This is a fast acting protein source that will instantly be absorbed into the body for recovery - especially that first hour after training when you need it most.  If you're after something more sustaining then blending your Healthy Chef Protein with a banana, almond milk and some ice will create a creamy smoothie - much like my Banana Chia Smoothie.


If you're after something more sustaining then blending your Healthy Chef Protein with a banana, almond milk and some ice will create a creamy smoothie.


One of the most fuss-free, delicious snacks I enjoy most afternoons is my Iced Turmeic Latte that is shaken with a spoonful of Healthy Chef Protein. I use the NATURAL one so it combines easily in both sweet or savoury recipes. It satisfies any cravings plus it provides my body with much-needed amino acids required for total wellbeing. Having a protein shake as a snack also helps to sustain blood sugar levels while also satisfying your sweet tooth. The girls in the office love whipping up my Stress Buster Smoothie  or making a quick batch of protein balls that make the most delicious protein rich snacks.


Having a protein shake as a snack also helps to sustain blood sugar levels while also satisfying your sweet tooth.


A smoothie bowl makes a complete nourishing breakfast or meal anytime of day. I love playing with different flavour combinations, to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs for optimum health + wellbeing. This time of year I focus on seasonal mango, berries, melon, pineapple, peaches and papaya. During the cooler months, I use fruits and vegetables such as banana, avocado, kiwi fruit, nut or seed butters and milks, coconut, spinach, cos lettuce and turmeric. 


I simply Iove using homemade almond or macadamia milk with my protein smoothies to help blend all the ingredients into a delicious, creamy consistency.

Try my Blueberry Smoothie Bowl which is a simple fuss-free smoothie full of protein, antioxidants, fibre and essential fats. Another favourite is my Matcha Bowl  - your body feels amazing after eating it.


My perfect Healthy Chef Protein smoothie also works as a healthy meal replacement. This is because it contains the right amounts of macronutrients my body needs to keep me energised and satisfied.


Get my Antioxidant Rich Smoothie recipe that works as a meal replacement in My Secret To Making the Perfect Protein Packed Smoothie or Bowl post.


Feel like a healthy chocolate fix? You can’t go past these delicious Chocolate Truffles. They take around 10 minutes to prepare and make a great healthy dessert or sustaining snack for outdoor activities such as long bike rides, hiking, sailing, picnics, long walks on the beach or to have with your coffee. Another great way to enjoy Healthy Chef Protein as a dessert is by making The Ultimate Chocolate Smoothie which tastes exactly like a chocolate mousse!


If you’re travelling and on-the-go, a blender-free protein smoothie can often come in handy. At any time of day, you can simply whip up a protein shake with almond milk, coconut water or filtered water and ice in the Blender Bottle and enjoy.

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