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Why Matcha Is The New Coffee

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Are you’re looking for a morning pick me up that’s similar to coffee but amazing for your health? Why not check out Matcha - the anti-ageing, antioxidant-rich, highly concentrated green tea that’s loaded with health benefits to keep you youthful and energized. Matcha has the ability to boost your immunity, control your stress and even assist in weight loss. One serve of Matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of steeped green tea.

Matcha has the ability to boost your immunity, control your stress and even assist in weight loss.

Whilst a cup of espresso in the morning will definitely wake you up, it also elevates cortisol - your stress hormone. The caffeine from coffee is absorbed rapidly into the blood stream and effects last for around 1 hour, but you may notice you start to crash as the caffeine starts to leave your system, leaving you with less energy and a drop in mood.

Matcha also contains caffeine, however it’s around half that of a regular cup of black coffee. The caffeine in Matcha is also assimilated and absorbed very slowly (over 6 hours) giving you a long and sustained energy boost rather than a 60 minute spike. Unlike coffee, there is also no blood sugar spike, insulin increase, or release of the stress hormone Cortisol.

Unlike coffee, the caffeine in Matcha is absorbed very slowly into the body (over 6 hours) giving you a long and sustained energy boost rather than a 60 minute spike.

Matcha helps to stabilize blood sugar and contains l-theanine, which is a rare amino acid that promotes a state of relaxation, supports the adrenal system and the way your body reacts to stress. This is a beautiful energising drink.


There are two main classifications of Matcha: ceremonial grade and food grade. Food grade Matcha is normally used in matcha-flavored foods and food service such as café’s. It is usually made from full-grown leaves and contains less antioxidants.

Ceremonial-grade Matcha is the champion of green tea and uses young leaves of green tea that have a higher concentration of antioxidants. This means that drinking it is better for your health. Higher quality grades of matcha also have a smoother taste and deliver a more delicious flavour experience. When buying matcha you get what you pay for, so look for organic and the best quality you can find.

Drinking Ceremonial-Grade Matcha is better for your health as it contains a higher concentration of antioxidants. 





A cup of Matcha can help to make you feel relaxed, calm and happy due to the high levels of L-theanine. It also energizes your body as it relaxes your mind.


Matcha has been shown to increase mental alertness, and the ability to concentrate both during and after your workout. I love to kickstart my workout with a cup of Matcha most mornings, and it’s delicious when you shake it with coconut water as a pre workout kick-start to the day.


Matcha naturally has metabolism boosting thermogenic affects in the body, meaning that it gently supports weight loss. Matcha also works as a fat blocker, so instead of absorbing and storing the fat, it gets passed through the body.


Matcha is a good way to safely cleanse the body. Chlorophyll the element that gives green tea and other plants their signature vibrant color is a powerful detoxifier, helping to eliminate both chemicals and heavy metals from the body.


The antioxidants in Healthy Chef Organic Cereonial-Grade Matcha are beneficial in strengthening the immune system; green tea keeps the immune system running normally. Healthy immune systems are better at handling infections from bacteria and viruses.



Drink a cup every morning to replace your regular tea and coffee.


Measure out 1/2 tsp of Matcha into a drinking cup or bowl.

Pour over 1 cup of hot water.

Whisk in a zig zag motion with a bamboo whisk (chasen) until you start to see froth.

Drink slowly and enjoy.


Add matcha to smoothies + juices for antioxidant rich energy boost.

Blend with frozen banana, avocado, almond milk, spinach and protein for an awesome power packed breakfast smoothie.

Shake with coconut water for an awesome pre-workout drink.



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