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Frozen Matcha + Collagen Frappe

Frozen Matcha + Collagen Frappe
Frozen Matcha + Collagen Frappe

What's great about it

This delicious and refreshing summer inspired Frozen Matcha and Collagen Frappe is the perfect drink for the holiday season. Beaming with antioxidants and restorative nutrients to keep you energised throughout the day + glowing from the inside out.


1 cup frozen mango

1 cup ice

2 teaspoons Healthy Chef Matcha Tea

1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Pure Collagen

250ml coconut water


rosemary, sugared matcha glasses


COMBINE mango, ice, Healthy Chef Matcha Tea, Healthy Chef Pure Collagen and coconut water into a blender.

BLEND until smooth, adding more coconut water if needed.

POUR into serving glasses.

GARNISH with rosemary or your choice of embellishment's.


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