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Marine Collagen vs Bovine Collagen - What's The Difference

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Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. Though, unfortunately we lose about 1% of our body’s production of collagen from around the age of 30, resulting in a loss of the skin’s natural elasticity, less recovery from wrinkles as well as affect gut health. Over time, this natural loss of collagen can also have an effect on our muscle recovery, joints and even our gastrointestinal health.

Studies have shown that supplementing our diets with ingestible collagen can help it reach to where it’s needed in the body quickly and can play a role in preventing the effects of natural collagen loss. Here at The Healthy Chef, we offer two collagen products: Wild Caught Marine Collagen and Pure Grass Fed Collagen. Wondering what the similarities and differences are between both? Keep reading below.

1. Source

The main difference between both these products is where the collagen is derived from.

Wild Caught Marine Collagen is obtained from ethical + wild-caught fish, where the collagen is obtained from their skin + scales through a process of hydrolysation: using water to break down the collagen molecules into peptides.

Pure Collagen on the other hand is a bovine collagen, where the collagen is derived from the hides of grass fed cows ethically pasture-raised within Europe. Healthy Chef Pure Collagen is also 100% hydrolysed collagen peptides, and is also halal, kosher and suitable for those with fish allergies.

Both Wild Caught Marine Collagen and Pure Grass Fed Collagen are flavourless, odourless and can easily dissolved into both hot + cold liquids.


2. Types of Collagen

28 types of collagen have been found to be present within the human body, however there are 3 types that comprise 90% of our collagen, simply called Type I, II and III. 

Wild Caught Marine Collagen has high levels of Type I, which makes up close to 90% of it. It’s usually considered the best type for skin + beauty health, as it’s responsible for giving skin its structure. It’s also present in bones, tendons and connective tissue. Marine Collagen also contains Type II collagen, which is responsible for providing structure to our cartilage, and can therefore support joint health. Some studies have also found that Type II can assist with eye health, specifically hydration and prevention of dry eyes.

Pure Grass Fed Collagen also contains Type I, but differs from Marine Collagen in that it contains Type III collagen, which is the second most abundant type in the body after Type I. It’s found in reticular fibres, which form a grid-like mesh that supports and provides structure to connective tissue and organs that need to stretch like the intestines, muscle, bowel, uterus and blood vessels. Studies have also found that Type III collagen is a component of bones and it also works well with Type I collagen for its skin boosting properties, making Pure Collagen a great supplement for skin, gut, muscle and bone health.

3. Bioavailability

Both types of collagen have great absorption rates thanks to the process of breaking down the collagen. Marine Collagen are broken down into slightly smaller particles, with studies finding that it’s absorbed 1.5 times more efficiently than other types of collagen. 

Bovine collagen still has an excellent absorption rate, with 90% of peptides being absorbed just a few hours after consuming it. Regardless of your collagen choice, you can enjoy a great absorption rate as studies have shown that ingesting collagen allows it to be absorbed and used by the body so much more efficiently than simply applying it to skin.

Should I take both?

For your intake to reflect more of the spectrum of collagen our body uses, you can definitely take Wild Caught Marine Collagen and Pure Grass Fed Collagen together. This will ensure you are receiving the 3 types of collagen that are most abundant in our body. By covering these bases you’ll ensure you’re helping your skin, gut, muscle, bone and joint health.

You can enjoy 10% off when you purchase a twin pack of our Marine + Pure Collagen. If taking together you can take a half dose of each or alternate types each day (Marine Collagen one day, Pure Collagen the next).


Marine Collagen
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Pure Grass Fed Collagen
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