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Introducing The Healthy Chef's Body Shaping Protein

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Get in the best shape of your life with The Healthy Chef’s Body Shaping Protein! An innovative vegan protein powder and superfood supplement combined with probiotics, digestive enzymes and nourishing botanicals to support a lean, toned body.

We've conveniently combined pure plant proteins with over 20 essential ingredients to create one multi-tasking superfood formula that support's weight management and total wellbeing - all you need is one serve a day for a healthier you!

All you need is one serve a day for a healthier you!


All 9 essential amino acids: Essential for energy, repairing the body + hormone health.

L-Glutamine: To support the digestive system, and aid muscle repair + recovery.

Bromelain: Digestive enzymes to aid protein digestion and to assist absorption.

Probiotics: To support gut function and the growth of good bacteria.

Withania (Ashwagandha): An ancient Ayurvedic herb to help reduce stress, boost your immune system and support good health and wellbeing.

Dandelion: To support liver function, weight management and detoxification.

Turmeric: To help reduce inflammation, support detoxification and regulate blood sugar.

Green Tea Extract: To boost your metabolism and support thyroid health, stabilise blood sugar and reduce appetite.

Antioxidants: Including pomegranate, rosehip, blueberry, grapeseed, broccoli sprout, and spinach for youthful skin and total wellbeing.

Vitamin D: Each serve contains 1000 IU plant-based vitamin D to support weight management, maintain bone health, and optimal immune function.

Pure Cinnamon: To stabilise blood sugar, support gut health and nourish hormonal health.

What is meant by the term 'Body Shaping'?

Body Shaping Protein is designed the help you get in the best shape of your life - whatever that shape may be to YOU!

Ultimately, Body Shaping means changing the shape of your body in some way. When we refer to the term 'Body Shaping' at The Healthy Chef we are referring to a lean + toned body as this is what many of our customers are seeking to achieve. And so, our recommendations on how to use Body Shaping Protein are purposely curated to support that goal.

However, even if your goal is to build strength, muscle growth or weight gain then Body Shaping Protein can still be a healthy addition to your diet - although our recommendations for how to include it in your diet would be different. For example, we would recommend adding more nutrient dense ingredients with a higher caloric value to your smoothies, shakes or daily diet.

How does Body Shaping Protein differ to Organic Pea Protein and Pure Native WPI?

Our Organic Pea Protein and Pure Native WPI are pure proteins, whereas Body Shaping Protein is a blend of pure plant proteins and contains over 20 other body shaping and superfood nutrients to assist you on your weight loss journey. Body Shaping Protein comes in 14 conveniently sized sachets that you can easily pop into your gym bag, handbag or suitcase when travelling.

Body Shaping Protein is a blend of pure plant proteins and contains over 20 other superfood nutrients to support weight management.

Can Body Shaping Protein be used as a meal replacement?

The Healthy Chef Body Shaping Protein is naturally lower in calories, compared to other meal replacement shakes on the market. The individual sized sachet of Body Shaping Protein make them a convenient option for a liquid breakfast or lunch when you're on the go. 

For best results we recommend replacing one meal a day with a Body Shaping Smoothie or Shake.

How do I enjoy Body Shaping Protein?

To make a shake simply combine 1 sachet of Body Shaping Protein with 375ml of water, almond milk or your choice of dairy-free milk in your blender bottle, shake and enjoy!

For a smoothie we love to keep it simple. One sachet of Body Shaping Protein combined with avocado, berries and water makes a delicious and nourishing Body Shaping Smoothie.

Recipe inspiration:

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