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Favourite Fish Recipes

Favourite Fish Recipes
Favourite Fish Recipes

What's great about it

Here are a few of my favourite fish recipes that I love to cook. Whether you’ve just caught your catch or selecting from the market, it’s important to handle your fish with care. Look for full bright eyes and red gills, the fish itself should smell fresh and clean.  When preparing, it’s important to avoid overcooking. Poaching is one of my favourite ways to cook fish. I love it because it’s such a clean and unadulterated way of cooking.  The integrity is not lost when poached correctly and you end up with the most delicious piece of tender fish that tastes purely delicious. I often just like to serve it simply drizzled with a little lemon and olive oil dressing.  Another favourite is my Fish in Tomato - so simple to cook and enjoyed with lemon scented garden herbs and green vegetables.

What's good about it:

Fish is a great source of omega 3 fatty acids that are anti-inflammatory to the body and critical for good health. Omega 3's are essential fats that must be obtained from our diet. Omega-3s support the body’s health in every way and are vital in the fight against diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Omega 3's also help to lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure, nourish the immune system and reduce symptoms of arthritis and depression. Another great thing about fish is that it's a great source of quality protein that can help build and repair the body as well as sustain lean muscle.

1 Fish in Tomato

2 Smashed Green Peas with Pan Roasted Salmon

3 Soft Shell Fish Tacos

4 Salmon Burgers

5 Fish in a Bag

6 Poach the perfect Salmon

7 Tuna Nicoise

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