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How To Enjoy A Pomegranate

How To Enjoy A Pomegranate
How To Enjoy A Pomegranate

What's great about it

It is the season for pomegranate and you can enjoy these wonderful antioxidant-rich ruby red jewels in a variety of healthy meals. Think baby spinach leaves topped with Persian feta, pistachio, figs and a generous scattering of pomegranate. Or maybe a Muhammara dip made from pomegranate, roasted red capsicum and walnuts served with crunchy raw vegetable crudities or a refreshing salsa made from pomegranate, orange, lemon and coriander that you can spoon over grilled organic chicken, rare roast beef or vegetable tagine. The possibilities are endless and personally, I just love to eat them straight enjoying their naturally delicious flavour!



Version 1:

STEP 1: Slice pomegranate in half, then put the cut side down and cup it in your palm over a bowl.

STEP 2: Take a wooden spoon and hit the back of the pomegranate (on the skin side). All the little jewels will fall out into your bowl.

Version 2:

STEP 1: Place the whole pomegranate onto a working bench and trim off the top and bottom ends so that your pomegranate sits neatly.

STEP 2: Remove the skin with a knife, much like you would an orange to expose the pomegranate jewels underneath the skin.

STEP 3: Pull apart the pomegranate with your hands, the glory of the jewels will be exposed so you can eat and enjoy.



Add pomegranate seeds to a leafy green salad made with baby spinach, pistachio and Persian feta, serve with pomegranate dressing.

Sprinkle pomegranate over your next bircher muesli

Add to quinoa and oven roasted vegetables or a Detox energy salad.

Make a salsa from fresh pomegranate jewels, lemon, honey, cold pressed olive oil and coriander. Spoon over grilled chicken, rare roast beef or oven roasted cinnamon pumpkin.

Add pomegranate to a power smoothie or fresh juice.

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