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By Teresa Cutter


What's great about it

It's important to hydrate and nourish yourself with the best wholefoods when looking to improve your immunity.

Quality protein is essential for our immune health because we need to consume protein, and amino acids, in order to build our antibodies. Antibodies are our immune cells which are responsible for protecting against foreign organisms like viruses and even free radicals. Research studies have shown that deficiency of high-quality protein can result in a depletion of immune cells, and other immune-related problems. 

Matcha Green Tea, which is recognised as a super-food, is high in antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that are associated with improving immune health. Matcha helps to stabilise blood sugar levels and supports our adrenal system.

This power-packed smoothie is also loaded with electrolytes and minerals needed for recovery. Grapes are low in sugar, FODMAP friendly and rich in the important electrolyte, potassium which helps to maintain hydration.


Serves 1

2 cups green grapes, washed (or 

1 teaspoon Healthy Chef Matcha GreenTea

2 cups ice

1 slice fresh ginger with skin

1/4 lime wedge with skin

1 cup water

2 TBSP Healthy Chef Protein (Organic Pea Protein, Native WPI Protein or Marine Collagen)



COMBINE grapes, Healthy Chef Organic Protein + Matcha Green Tea, ice, ginger, lime and water into a blender.

BLEND until smooth, green and fabulous.

SERVE and enjoy.

Notes and Inspiration


  • Natural Immune Support: Add 1 teaspoon of Natural Immune Support for a boost of vitamin C + D and the goodness of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients from the ginger and turmeric to revitalise & energise your immune system.
  • Matcha:  High in antioxidants to support health, energy + vitality. Matcha has the ability to boost your immunity, control your stress and assist in weight loss.
  • Healthy Chef WPIOrganic Pea Proteinaids muscle recovery, tissue growth and repair, hormonal function, immune support, healthy weight.

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