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Brown Rice Chia Pasta With Creamy Mushrooms

Brown Rice Chia Pasta With Creamy Mushrooms
Brown Rice Chia Pasta With Creamy Mushrooms

What's great about it

This mouth-watering recipe is reminiscent of the Polish style mushroom stroganoff that was often prepared as a weekday dinner. Gluten free, vegan and high in B vitamins and restorative minerals, this recipe is from my cookbook Earth To Table, and combines foraged mushrooms with caramelised onion to make the creamiest of sauces. Stir through fresh made al dente pasta or spoon over steaming hot jasmine rice for an easy-to-prepare and budget friendly meal .


250 ml (8 fl oz) freshly boiled water

15 g (1/2 oz) dried porcini mushrooms

500 g (16 oz) assorted mushrooms, sliced

1 onion, sliced

1 clove garlic, smashed

1 - 2 tablespoons tamari

flaked sea salt and white pepper to taste

handful parsley leaves, chopped

220 g (7 oz) brown rice + chia pasta or other pasta of your choice

60 ml (2 fl oz) coconut milk or cream


COMBINE water and dried porcini into a bowl and set aside for 10 minutes to soften.

SAUTE mushrooms with the onion, a generous splash of olive oil and garlic for 5 - 8 minutes until browned.

POUR OVER the soaking water from the porcini. Chop the porcini and add to the mushrooms.

SIMMER for 5 minutes and season with tamari, salt and white pepper, followed by the parsley and coconut milk.

BOIL pasta until al dente and spoon into the mushroom ragu, adding more water or cream if needed.

SERVE and enjoy.

Notes and Inspiration

DRIZZLE over a little truffle oil or add shaved truffle.

LAYER mushroom ragout between layers of French style crepes for the yummies mushroom lasagne and top with almond milk bechamel.

SERVES 4 - 2 if your hungry

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