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Glowing Skin Smoothie

Glowing Skin Smoothie
Glowing Skin Smoothie

What's great about it

A nourishing, skin-boosting, antioxidant-rich breakfast smoothie from my award-winning cookbook Earth To Table. A delicious blend of berries, protein and superfoods, all essential for healthy skin. This smoothie is high in Vitamin C and collagen, which support absorption. The addition of Healthy Chef Marine Collagen and Healthy Chef Vanilla Protein to help boost collagen and hydration in the skin and help cells repair, vitamin E to protect the skin from wrinkles and fight free radicals and healthy fats to nourish + hydrate the skin. It takes just 1 minute to prepare and is full of collagen boosting protein, vitamin C to help aid in collagen production, and healthy fats and omega-3s to maintain glowing skin.


Serves 2

1 generous cup berries - I love blueberries

1/4 avocado or 1 tablespoon tahini

1 ½ cups almond or macadamia milk

small handful baby spinach

Pinch of cinnamon

1-2 tablespoons Healthy Chef Marine Collagen

1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Organic Superfood

handful of ice to blend


1. COMBINE all the ingredients in a high-speed blender.

2. BLEND until smooth and creamy.

3. DIVIDE between 2 serving glasses.


Notes and Inspiration

You can adjust the consistency by adding more or less of the liquid component depending on your desired thickness. We love to add frozen banana to make it extra creamy and delicious. You can also use pumpkin seed milk or drinking coconut milk in place of almond milk for essential fats and minerals.

The addition of tahini and cinnamon helps boost minerals and keeps blood sugars stable.

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