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Tiramisu Protein Oats

This is a quick and healthy breakfast or snack that's full of protein, antioxidants, probiotics and fibre that your body needs for good health.
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Many thanks to Kamalaya, THE BEST WELLNESS  SPA IN THE WORLD for providing the ultimate prize...

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Overnight Superfood Oats

This is a quick, healthy and tasty breakfast that's full of protein, antioxidants...

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Superfood Energy Bowl

My breakfast of the moment is the Superfood Energy Bowl. It takes just...

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Labneh - Yoghurt Cheese

Labneh is a fresh creamy cheese made from strained yoghurt and possibly one...

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The Perfect Trail Mix

I'm nuts about nuts - and seeds. I eat them everyday...raw, activated, roasted,...

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Coconut Crepes Suzette

My first experience making Crepes Suzette was when I was working as an...

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