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The Different Types of Dairy-Free Milk

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When I design my recipes, I always like to use a variety of milks and it all depends on what I'm making. I love to use grass fed organic milk or yummy dairy free alternatives made from nuts and seeds.

Nut and seed milks are a delightful lactose-free alternative to traditional dairy. They can easily be incorporated into healthy diets and provide your body with essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium and zinc to nourish the immune system.

A dairy-free milk is basically nuts, seeds or whole grains blended with water and then strained. I like to soak my nuts and seeds overnight if I have the time, which makes them easier to blend and provides for a much creamier milk product. The milk can also be flavoured with vanilla bean or a hint of ground cinnamon. For a little sweetness, a few fresh pitted dates, honey or stevia can be thrown in before blending.

Once you make your own homemade nut milks, you’ll never want to go store-bought again. Most store-bought milks contain added gums, dextrins and emulsifiers that you really don’t want to be putting into your body.

To make nut or seed milks it's important to  invest in a good high speed blender which will blend your milk with ease. Also I love to strain most of my milks which makes them smooth. If you don't want to strain your milks, the best nuts to use are cashew nuts and macadamia nuts.

If you want richer milk, add a spoonful of tahini or coconut butter for creaminess and to help it emulsify.

Need milk in a flash ? Just blend a tablespoon full of  almond or cashew butter with 2 cups of water until smooth and creamy then enjoy!


1 - WALNUTS – They contain omega-3 and are anti-inflammatory. + MACADAMIA NUTS – Anti-inflammatory and provide a creamy milk, with no straining.

2 - HAZELNUTS – Rich in omega-3, they go well with Healthy Chef Naked Chocolat.

3 - CASHEW NUTS – High in tryptophan and help make serotonin (the feel-good hormone). Cashews make a creamy sweet milk with no straining required.

4 - ALMONDS – High in the minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium as well as vitamin E to nourish the immune system.

5 - PUMPKIN SEEDS – High in minerals such as zinc, which supports the nervous system when under stress.

6 - SUNFLOWER SEEDS – Anti-inflammatory and rich in vitamin E to help eliminate free radicals.

7 - COCONUT – Anti-inflammatory and anti-viral to help promote a healthy immune system.

8 - BROWN RICE – A good nut-free and non-dairy milk option. Perfect for kids and people with sensitivities. It’s rich in B vitamins and very delicious.

9 - PEA PROTEIN – I love using Organic Pea Protein mixed with water as a milk source for those who are sensitive to dairy. It provides a rich protein boost in smoothies.

10 - OATS - Filled with soluble fibre and minerals to support heart health and lower cholesterol. Use 1 cup organic oats to 4 cups of water + 1 tablespoon tahini to emulsify.


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