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Beauty Collagen Jelly

Beauty Collagen Jelly
Beauty Collagen Jelly

What's great about it

This Beauty Collagen Jelly is a protein-rich, gut-friendly snack perfect for an afternoon pick me up. Made with Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen, it delivers a delicious orange citrus flavour + supports glowing skin, strong nails and luscious hair. The natural sweetness in this jelly comes from fresh orange juice, which the whole family will love.



1L orange juice, freshly squeezed, strained from any pulp

500 ml hot water, from a recently boiled kettle

2 tbsp Healthy Chef Beauty Collagen

3 tbsp grass-fed gelatine, powdered



1. COMBINE water and gelatine into a bowl and stir until the gelatine dissolves.

2. POUR in the orange juice and stir through until combined.

3. WHISK in the Beauty Collagen until dissolved.

4. POUR the jelly into a glass storage bowl and carefully place in the fridge to set. This should take about 6 hours.

ENJOY as a light snack!

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