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Magnesium + Immune Tea

Magnesium + Immune Tea
Magnesium + Immune Tea

What's great about it

As we've said many times, magnesium is nature's super mineral. While it's well known for helping to promote a healthy stress response and support muscle health, did you know it can also support the immune system fighting illness?

These immune-boosting benefits can be amplified by combining them with our
Immune botanical tisane, which features an infusion of lemongrass, ginger + lemon. With its refreshing natural lemon/lime flavour, Healthy Chef Magnesium+ goes well with the flavour notes within Healthy Chef Immune tisane, making it a great way to enjoy Magnesium+ in a warm beverage.

If combining
Magnesium+ with other teas, be sure to select a caffeine-free botanical blend as caffeine is a natural diuretic. Healthy Chef Immune tisane is the perfect mixer as not only is it completely herbal, but the two flavours mesh so well together for the most invigorating sip you'll ever try. 


2 tbs Healthy Chef Magnesium+

1 Healthy Chef Immune Tisane tea bag 

125ml Boiling Water


SPOON Heathy Chef Magnesium + place Healthy Chef Immune Tisane into mug.

POUR boiling water and stir to combine. 

Let cool + enjoy!

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