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Insalata Caprese - Healthy Chef Style

Insalata Caprese  -  Healthy Chef Style
Insalata Caprese  -  Healthy Chef Style

What's great about it

Sun-ripened tomato with buffalo mozzarella, sea salt, torn basil and cold-pressed olive oil. This is one of the simplest salads of all time to create and the secret of success depends solely on the quality of the ingredients you use. This recipe comes from my cookbook Purely Delicious.

What I love about summer is the bounty of juicy, ripe tomatoes that fits perfectly into my cooking repertoire. For me healthy cooking is all about simplicity and keeping things as fresh and pure as possible. The ingredients in a classic Caprese salad are very minimal – tomatoes, mozzarella, basil, olive oil, salt, pepper. This is the way it should be eaten and my favourite way of eating it, as it brings out the clean selection of flavours and every mouthful is pure heaven.

Buffalo mozzarella is traditional for a Caprese, as opposed to the cow's milk fior di latte and using buffalo milk provides the healthier benefits of being high in calcium and protein. Scatter delicately with fragrant basil leaves - whole or torn, and drizzle over the best cold pressed olive oil you can get. Add a gentle touch of flaked sea salt and a little grind of fresh cracked pepper for the perfect summer salad. Enjoy !



Serves 4

800 g sun-ripened decent sized tomatoes – juicy and room temperature

2 balls Buffalo Mozarella

8 fresh basil leaves, torn

2  tablespoons cold pressed olive oil

2 tablespoons lemon juice

generous pinch of quality flaked sea salt

A little freshly ground black pepper


Slice the tomatoes or cut into generous wedges.

Break up the creamy white mozzarella with your fingertips and mingle in amongst the Mozzarella, alternatively you can also slice the mozzarella and arrange delicately.

Drizzle over a little olive oil, lemon and scatter with fresh torn basil.

Finish by a light sprinkle of sea salt and a little freshly ground black pepper.

Serve and enjoy.

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