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Refreshing Peach Bellini

Refreshing Peach Bellini
Refreshing Peach Bellini

What's great about it

The perfect sugar-free Christmas beverage!

This recipe is from my award winning cookbook Earth To Table. The exceptional flavours of Summer peaches combined with mineral and coconut water creates a pure and refreshing antioxidant rich tonic to hydrate and nourish the whole family. 

Serves 2



1 peach, halved + stone removed

250 ml (1 cup/8 fl oz) sparkling mineral water 

250 ml (1 cup/8 fl oz) coconut water

2 large handfuls ice


COMBINE peach, mineral water, coconut water and ice into a blender. 

BLEND until combined.

POUR into serving glasses.


Notes and Inspiration

Add a squeeze of lime or slice of ginger before blending.

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