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Explore The Healthy Chef Gift Guide

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Whether you have a healthy foodie friend, or a family member who loves to indulge in some chocolate therapy, we have beautiful gift suggestions we know they’ll love.

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+ Organic Superfood

Glow from the inside out with our nutritionally superior blend of ten organic vegetables and fruits. Healthy Chef Organic Superfood is rich in antioxidants that gives strength and structure to your skin and is vital for elasticity and firmness and helping improve skin’s hydration and elasticity.

+ Nourish + Glow Tea

Sip your way to youthful, glowing skin with this unique blend of rosehip and hibiscus flowers infused with superfood berries. Rosehip and hibiscus is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C to keep skin firm and supple, while blueberries and elderberries are known to provide protection against various disease and promote optimum health + vitality. 


+ Pure Native WPI 

Boost sports performance, regulate appetite, increase satiety and encourage significant weight loss with The Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI protein. Healthy Chef protein is high in BCAA’s (branched chain amino acids). Studies show that BCAA’s can reduce fatigue and improve exercise performance, reduce muscle breakdown and facilitate healing. Athletes love Healthy Chef protein because it doesn’t bloat or cause gastrointestinal issues allowing them to perform at their optimal best.

+ Ceremonial Grade Matcha

This is the champion of green tea and uses the young leaves of green tea that have a higher concentration of antioxidants. This means that it’s a potent superfood powder that’s great for your health.


Matcha has been shown to increase mental alertness, and the ability to concentrate both during and after a workout. The Healthy Chef Ceremonial Grade Matcha is packed with antioxidants and can provide that long-lasting energy boost for the active mind and body. 


+ Naked Chocolat Mylk

??Naked Chocolat Mylk is delicious both hot + cold. This is for the milk chocolate lover who prefers a mellow style of drinking chocolate. It’s scented with Tahitian vanilla which has tasting notes of caramel. This delicious aroma evokes the wild + free spirit inside every cup. Naked Chocolat Mylk also adds a superfood boost to protein balls, cookies, smoothies and chocolate cakes.

+ Naked Chocolat Dark


Naked Chocolat is delicious both hot + cold. This is for the dark chocolate lover who prefers a sophisticated European style drinking chocolate. Madagascan bourbon vanilla enhances the dark seductive chocolate experience.

Naked Chocolat Dark also adds a superfood boost to protein balls, cookies, smoothies and chocolate cakes.



+ The Healthy Chef – Purely Delicious Cookbook

A timeless cookbook that will have every healthy foodie will love. Purely Delicious has 500 + pages with over 230 of Teresa’s favourite healthy recipes using the freshest wholefood ingredients. This vintage style cookbook has a gorgeous pillow cover and green ribbon that adds that finishing touch. This book is the perfect gem to gift to a healthy foodie friend or family member!


For the TEA LOVER…

+ Uplifting Zen Tea

Energise your body with Organic Genmaicha, a mild green tea with subtle notes of popcorn and roasted brown rice. Researchers think the health properties of green tea are mostly due to polyphenols, chemicals with potent antioxidant potential. In fact, the antioxidant effects of polyphenols seem to be greater than vitamin C. Healthy Chef Genmaicha tea is rich in polyphenols such as EGCG, the most studied polyphenol compound in green tea.

+ Green Goddess Tea

Go on a luscious getaway with this delicious Oolong tea that’s infused with the magical fragrance of white peaches and butterscotch. Oolong has been known to boost metabolism and reduce stress, helping you feel great each day. This is because Oolong tea is brimming with powerful antioxidants and anti-ageing properties – research shows it even supports bone health and prevents osteoporosis. Oolong is traditional Chinese tea and combines the qualities of dark and green teas, giving it several health benefits. 

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